What Tog Duvet for Toddler or Child

Choosing the right duvet tog is extremely important since too much warmness or too much coldness is one of the causes why most of us can’t enjoy having a good night’s sleep. Obviously, as an adult we are perfectly aware if we can feel extreme hotness or coldness, hence it’s very easy for us to respond appropriately. If it’s too cold, then we can use additional blankets or sheets. On the other hand, if it is too hot, then we can get out of our covers. But when it comes to toddlers or children, do you know what is the best duvet tog for them? Do you buy the first duvet that attracts you or do you think about it very carefully?

What Does Togs Mean?

A tog is used for measuring the warmth or the thermal insulation of duvets. It will determine how warm the duvet is. So, what is the best tog duvet to purchase? There is no best tog for a duvet. The tog rating for your duvet should fit on the season. When the temperature of our body decreases, then that is the time that we can fall asleep.

Ideally, the higher the tog ratings, the warmer the duvets. For the summer season, you can choose a lower 4.5 tog duvet. For spring and autumn seasons, choose a medium 9 tog duvet and for the winter season, a higher 13.5 tog duvet would be perfect.

Here, we will give you a guideline on which duvet tog to buy.

Babies Below 2 Years Old

Babies below 2 years of age should never use duvets, quilts, blankets and pillows to prevent suffocation and overheating. You should never provide them with a pillow. In the case they are required to sleep on a slightly slanting position, then you can adjust their cot by raising the upper portion.

Babies Over 2 Years Old

It’s fine to use duvets with 4.0 togs or lesser for babies who are more than 2 years old. Always check the temperature of your baby’s room. Make sure that its temperature is 18°C which is ideal for your baby. In case, its temperature is warmer than 21°C, then you can minimize the number of layers to use. But if the weather is a bit colder, and the temperature in your baby’s room is less than 15°C, then you will have to use additional blankets so your baby can sleep comfortably.

Keep in mind that if you are using a blanket with a duvet, its warmth will be doubled. It is highly recommended that you should use a washable duvet.


Toddlers are not capable of regulating their body temperature hence, it is very important to choose duvets which are not warmer than 4.0 togs. Similarly, you must be wary of the temperature on your toddler’s bedroom. If you discover that its temperature is warmer than 21°C, then you can remove some layers to help them sleep comfortably. Contrastingly, if it’s freezing on the outside and the temperature in your baby’s bedroom is below 15°C, then your baby might require more blankets.

When using duvets, choose the washable ones. For more warmth, you can choose to use a blanket with a duvet.


When your child becomes one year old already, then you can buy a duvet with a lighter weight for them. Commonly it should be between 4 tog and 9 tog. Generally, this can make your child feel warmer since they have smaller bodies which can easily catch more air.

So, what is the best duvet tog for your child? You should start using duvets once your child reaches the age of one and be sure to purchase a 4-tog duvet. However, as they grow up, you will realize that they will need a warmer duvet between 4.5 tog to 10.5 tog. A duvet which has a higher tog might make your kids feel uncomfortable.

Children can feel warmer when they are using a lower tog duvet. Generally, sleeping in a lower tog duvet can make your child feel very comfortable. It is also much lighter compared to a higher tog. But during those cold nights, you should get a blanket ready to provide them with extra warmth.

Tips in Choosing the Best Tog Duvet for Children

In deciding which tog rating to use for your children, you must consider the temperature inside your child’s bedroom as well as the current weather or season. An ideal choice would be an all-seasons duvet. During the summer season when the weather is warmer, you can use the 4.5 tog duvet. But when spring and autumn seasons will arrive, you must be ready with your 9.0 tog duvet.

For the winter season, your children may need a 13.5 tog duvet so they can have a good night’s sleep. This can be done by combining the 9.0 and 4.5 tog duvets. However, if your home is a bit warmer, then you can use a 9.0 tog duvet along with some additional blankets if needed.

Likewise, the duvet fill is another important factor that you need to consider. A wool-filled duvet can be advantageous to your children since it can help in regulating their body temperature so they can’t feel excessive hotness.

Have You Tried Using A Sleeping Bag?

Another way of assuring that your child is having a good night sleep is to place them in a children’s sleeping bag. Have you seen what it looks like? They are great for keeping your child warm. Letting them sleep under a low tog duvet can give them additional comfort.