Washing Duck Feather Pillows

Duck feather pillows are extremely durable with some people reportedly using theirs for as long as 20 years. Duck feather pillows can be hard to clean but there are ways to make the process easier. Duck feather pillows can be washed but should be washed infrequently. This is to preserve the feathers and help retain their loft. However, proper care is needed if you want to prolong its lifespan. Here are some tips you can follow.

Pillow Protector

One of the easiest ways to care for your duck feather pillow is by purchasing a pillow protector. They are an affordable and easy way of making sure that oils, food, liquids, sweat and other fluids do not penetrate and seep into the filling. Pillow protectors are also easier to wash compared to the pillow itself. Simply remove the protector and wash in the washing machine with your other clothes or bed linen. Pillow protectors and duck feather pillows are available at Luxura.


Fluffing is also another easy thing to do daily and takes a short amount of time. Duck feather pillows tend to lie flat especially after use. To help the pillow regain its original shape and loft, fluff the pillow a few times after you get up. This will help redistribute the feathers and infuse air into the cover making your pillows soft again.

Air Out

Sunlight is a very powerful disinfectant. During hot days, make sure to air out your pillows in the sun to help kill microbes, viruses and germs. According to scientific studies, just a few minutes outside on a hot sun can help kills 90-99% of germs and bacteria. Make sure to expose your pillows to strong sunlight for 10 minutes each side once a month to help disinfect it.


For best results, wash your duck feather pillows using mild detergent. To make sure that your pillow is detergent-free, add two rinse cycles to your washing machine. For drying, dry using low heat. Most duck feather pillows need 6-8 hours of drying to ensure that they are completely dry. This is very important because feather pillows are susceptible to mould when wet. Make sure to fluff the pillows every cycle to help redistribute the feathers inside. If they still feel wet even after 8 hours or smell damp or have clumps continue with the drying process until 100% dry.

You can also opt to bring your duck feather pillows to a professional cleaner. Most washing machines and at home are small so they can only accommodate 1 pillow at a time. This can be time consuming so having them professionally laundered is a good time saver since many Laundromats and professional cleaners have industrial sized dryers and washing machines. They also have experience on how to best wash duck feather pillows.