V-Shaped Support Pillow VS Regular Pillow

V-shaped support pillow sometimes referred to as a u pillow, banana pillow or boomerang pillow is becoming a popular choice among pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with back pain and neck pain. But what makes it so popular? Why are so many people switching to this type of pillow? How does it compare to a regular pillow? Let’s find out.


Support matters where you need it. This is why pillows come in different shapes, sizes and firmness. Regular pillows are best for people who need support on their heads. This type of pillow is usually enough to support their head so that they remain comfortable the whole night. V-shapes support pillows are best for people looking for lower back support. It is used best when sitting down or reading on the bed. Prop it on the headboard and lean into it to help support your back and lower back properly. While regular pillows can do this, it usually takes a lot of pillows and lots of adjusting to get the shape right. With a v-shaped pillow you’re all set once you prop it up.


V-shaped support pillows are also great when you need to keep yourself elevated while sleeping. Use it over your regular shaped pillows and your head and neck will feel perfectly cradled but without your chin touching your neck which usually happens when you want elevation with a regular pillow. This is because you need lots of pillows to keep you upright and elevated. The evenness of the pillow and the height usually causes our chin to touch the neck which can be uncomfortable especially if your nose or chest is congested. The v-shaped pillow on the other hand ends support right behind your neck keeping your chin where it should be.

Rolling Over

We all move while we sleep but there are times when it is best when we don’t. Using a regular pillow won’t prevent you from rolling over or turning to your side. The sides of a v-shaped support pillow however will keep you from rolling over. It can help provide neck and spine support better compared to regular pillows so you won’t get hurt rolling over especially if it is prohibited.

Back Pain

The v-shaped pillow is usually used by people who want to relieve back pain while sitting down or lying in bed. This is because the upper portion of the v provides neck support while the sides cradle the back perfectly keeping the spine aligned thereby alleviating pain.

Regular pillows can also help with back pain; however, they are more suited for lower back pain. Prop them behind your rear for extra support. They can also be used under the knees to gently raise your buttocks up and relieve pain.

Regular pillows are best for snuggling with and for lower back pain. If you need support for your neck and back or need elevation, try using Luxura’s v-shaped support pillows.