Reasons to Buy a Hollowfibre Cushion Pad

Have you ever wondered why some people experience back pain even when they’re just sitting down? Or maybe you’re wishing that there was some way to preserve the seat of your chair. The solution to these problems is a hollowfibre cushion pad. We know what you’re thinking, that cushion pads are too flimsy to provide support or protection for your chair. The good news is that not all hollowfibre cushion pads are versatile enough to do these things for you.


Some people like to preserve the fabric of their chairs in order to prolong their lifespan or to save on future upholstering bills. There are many ways to protect your upholstery such as installing plastic chair covers. These are good at protecting upholstery but they are uncomfortable to sit on because they feel hot not to mention that users constantly slip because they tend to become slippery as you sweat. Plastic slip covers also ruin your style.

Hollowfibre cushion pads on the other hand are not sweaty. They are stylish and very comfortable to sit on. They can protect the seat of your chairs and sofas easily without ruining your personal style or compromising your comfort.


Many people suffer from back pain due to lack of lumbar support. When you’re sitting down on a hard chair, all the pressure is transferred to your lower back and buttocks. This can lead to discomfort and pain. Using a hollowfibre cushion pad is one of the best ways to relieve pain and sit more comfortably on a chair. You can use it on computer chairs to make working easier, dinner table chairs and even sofas for maximum comfort.


A typical hollowfibre cushion pad from Luxura costs around £4.99. This is very affordable compared to buying a new chair or getting it reupholstered or constantly filling up your prescription of pain meds for your lower back pain. A single cushion can last at least two years but many people are able to prolong the lifespan by washing it every 6 months and fluffing it regularly so that the hollowfibre inside will regain its shape and loftiness.


Hollowfibre cushion pads are normally used to support the buttocks and lower back when sitting down. They are also used to protect the original upholstery of your furniture from spills and stains. However, this is not their only purpose. Because Luxura’s hollowfibre cushion pads are affordable you can use them to accessorize your home. They can be used as throw pillows, mini pillows and even leg pillows for additional support wherever they are needed.

Easy Care

Unlike cushion pads with natural filling, hollowfibre cushion pads are easy to maintain. All you need to do is to throw them in the wash and dry them and they are as good as new. Washing and maintaining pillows regularly is a good way to prolong their use while killing away health hazards such as dust mite droppings which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.