Reasons To Switch to Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

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Luxura Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

If you’ve noticed, microfibre cleaning cloths are gaining popularity worldwide. If you’re new to this cleaning tool, microfibre cleaning cloth is made up of a special kind of material that is small enough to attach itself to the smallest speck of dirt. It is gaining popularity because many users like that it is able to clean efficiently and effectively. If you’re still not sure; check out these reasons why you should consider buying microfibre cleaning cloths from

Efficient Cleaning

Microfibre cloths are made with very tiny fiber that can cling to the smallest piece of dirt. Think of these fibers as “many hands that make light work”. If you want to clean something big, you don’t attack it with the biggest brush or cloth you can find. The easiest way to clean a big area is to have an army of cleaners and this is where your microfibre cleaning cloth comes in. With a brush or ordinary cleaning cloth you have to repeat cleaning the area so that you get all the dirt and grime. This is very inefficient because you’re wasting effort. If you use a microfibre cleaning cloth, the fibers will pick up every speck of dirt so that you don’t have to repeat going over the same areas to remove event the tiniest dirt and grime.

Water Only

When you use other cleaning tools and implements you need to use chemicals and detergent to get the dirt out. If you need to clean the kitchen counter for example, you need soap, water, sponge and a dry rag to clean it. But when you use microfibre cloth you only need water to clean the area. First you start by rinsing the area with clean water to get rid of germ and bacteria. Air-dry the surface and wait until only the smallest amount of water is left behind. Whip out your microfibre cleaning cloth to dry your kitchen counter and you’re done. No need to buy expensive detergent, surface cleaner and other cleaning implements.


Manufacturers recommend not using detergent and other chemical cleaners when cleaning with a microfibre cloth. This is to preserve the ability of the microfibre cloth to stick itself to dirt. Using chemical cleaners to clean bathrooms, kitchens and other surfaces on the other hand can have detrimental effects on people and the environment.

Chemical cleaners contain carcinogens that can cause cancer. The manufacturing process of these cleaners is also harmful to the environment. So when you use microfibre cloth and water you are saving your loved ones and the planet in one go.

Many users think of microfibre cleaning cloths as “magic” but as we can clearly see it is just science. The makers of microfibre cloths use van der Waals forces or the residual attractive or repulsive forces between atoms and molecules. With microfibre cleaning cloths we are eternally thankful for its attraction to dust because it makes cleaning quick and efficient.