Quilted Memory Foam Pillows VS Buckwheat Pillows

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Just like other natural fill pillows, buckwheat pillows have been around for a long time. Many people like the comfort of buckwheat pillows because it can shape itself to your head’s contours and provides great support to the user. However, new technology pillows like the quilted memory foam pillows are giving it a run for their money. In fact, most pillows sold in the UK are either made from polyester or memory foam. But if both pillows provide great head and neck support, which one should you opt to buy if confronted with these choices? Let’s find out.

Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows are very affordable. They are also environment friendly because they are made from natural materials. Like most materials made from nature, they are breathable so you won’t feel hot and sweaty against the pillow during hot or warm days. You can also adjust the number of buckwheat inside by adding or removing hulls for just the right loft. Buckwheat pillows also provide above average support for users because they don’t flatten out during the night. It can also conform to the contours of the neck for even weight distribution. This pillow is ideal for back sleepers.


This pillow is not on the huggable side. Many users will complain because they can be noisy when you shift around. Some people also find it inconvenient to have to adjust the number of buckwheat inside the pillows to find just the right support you need.

Buckwheat pillows also tend to be heavier and the filling can shift to one side if you don’t frump them correctly. Bottom line: if you’re not prepared to experiment with the right number of hulls, buckwheat pillows can be too firm which can lead to your discomfort while sleeping. Buckwheat pillows have lost their popularity due to new technology so not many retailers carry them.

Quilted Memory Foam Pillows

There is no guess work involved when you use a quilted memory foam pillow. Made with polyurethane foam, the pillow automatically adjusts to your needs as your head sinks into the pillow. If you have neck pain, the pillow’s heat sensitive feature kicks in and adjusts itself so that your neck is contoured and properly supported as you sleep. The quilts add luxury and comfort to the user while giving the pillow more fabric strength. The memory foam material is also very popular so you have lots of access not only to pillows but different products as well to increase your sleeping comfort.


Depending on the manufacturer, quilted memory foam pillows tend to be on the more expensive side of the scale. They are also hard to keep clean and maintain. Manufacturers advice against the washing or soaking of pillows so users will have to purchase additional protectors and pillow guards to keep their quilted memory foam pillows clean and stain-free. Some users also complain that their quilted memory foam pillows give off a smell called off gassing which can be a letdown for the first few weeks of use.

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