Quilted Memory Foam Pillow VS Polyester Pillows

Quilted memory foam pillows and polyester pillows are two of the most common and popular pillow choices in the UK today. Many stores sell these kinds of pillows mainly because they give great comfort to the user and because they are relatively affordable. They are also sold in many stores across the country so you don’t need to go to specialty stores when looking for replacements. Many brick and mortar stores also have online stores which makes shopping for these kinds of pillows easy and convenient. If you’re not sure which kind of pillow to choose, here’s how to know which pillow is best for you.

Quilted Memory Foam Pillow


Quilted memory foam pillows are best for people who suffer from head, shoulder and neck pain. It can be brought about by injury or sore joints. Quilted memory foam pillows are ideal for pain and aches because the material is heat activated. Injured parts of the head and neck are hotter compared to the rest of the body. When it comes into contact with the memory foam, it adjusts itself so that weight is distributed evenly so as not to aggravate the injured area. This translates to relief from aches and pains in the head, neck and upper spine area.

This type of pillow can also be used in other parts of the body with injury. If you have a sore lumbar area for example, you can place it behind your lower back to help alleviate pain while providing support at the same time.


Compared to polyester pillows, memory foam pillows are a bit more expensive. Depending on the kind you buy, they might not be hypoallergenic, which is a requirement if you suffer from dust mite allergy. Quilted memory foam pillows cannot be hand washed or washed through a washing machine. This means that you have to purchase a pillow protector to keep stains and bodily fluids off your quilted memory foam pillow.

Polyester Pillow


Polyester pillows are very affordable. A pair retails at around £8.99 in some stores. They require easy maintenance which is a plus for many busy households. All you need to do is to fluff them daily so that it regains its shape and loft after use. It is also machine washable and dryer friendly so you can wash it easily every 6 months. According to the Sleep Authority, pillows need to be changed every 2-3 years to prevent dust mite infestation, and because polyester pillows are affordable, many households will not have a problem complying with this suggestion.


Unlike quilted memory foam pillows which retain their shape and softness even after years of use, polyester pillows will get hard and lumpy over time. This means decreased comfort levels the longer you use it. Polyester pillows are also not suitable for people with injuries because it cannot cradle injured areas effectively.

Check out Luxura’s quilted memory foam pillows. They are ideal for people who want maximum comfort while sleeping. This memory foam pillow will not lose its shape or firmness even after years of use.