Proper Care for Quilted Memory Foam Pillows

Many people favour the memory foam pillow because it is a nifty invention. Made from space-age materials, the original design for the memory foam was to make pilots comfortable during space fights. Today, memory foam pillows are ideal for people who suffer from head, neck and upper spine pain. Aside from pillows, companies also make memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, slippers and many other products which are testament to memory foam’s popularity.

If you have a quilted memory foam pillow such as those featured and sold by Luxura, you’re probably wondering how to care for them. Memory foam pillows are more expensive than conventional pillows and extending its life through proper care is important. Read the care label first before attempting to clean your pillow. Here are some tips on how to care for your quilted memory foam pillow.

Pillow Protector

You can’t machine wash a quilted memory foam pillow. The same is true for drying them. To keep dust, dust mites, stains, food particles, hair, dead skin cells, body fluids and other unspeakable materials from your pillow, purchase a pillow protector immediately. You can buy quilted ones or waterproof protectors depending on what kind you prefer. The important thing is having a barrier between the pillow and pillow case to give it extra protection and keep it clean and pristine.

Air Out

Unlike polyester pillows, cotton, wool and feather pillows which benefit greatly from airing them out to help retain some of their shape and bounce, there is no real need to air out your quilted memory foam pillow. However, sunlight is a very powerful antibacterial agent. This is thanks to the sun’s ultraviolet light which kills microbes, viruses and bacteria. According to studies, a few minutes in the sun kills 90-99% of bacteria. So, if you want to disinfect your pillows, put it out in the sun for 10 minutes on each side to get rid of harmful germs.

Hand Wash Only

While you can’t machine wash your quilted memory foam pillow, it is alright to get it wet once in a while. If you must wash your pillow, make sure to only hand wash it. It is best that the foam itself does not get wet. Using a soft sponge or a wash cloth and mild detergent or body soap, dampen the sponge with water and some soap. Carefully wipe the quilted cover using gentle pressure only. Remember, you don’t want to soak the pillow. Once you are done, rinse the sponge in clear water and wipe the pillow all over again to remove the soapy residue. Repeat until you are sure that no soap is left. Put your pillow out to dry. It is also best to perform this task when the sun is strong and bright outside.

Caring for quilted memory foam pillow seems easy but complicated at the same time. The first two steps are ideal for busy people since airing them out and washing pillow protectors can be incorporated to weekly household tasks easily. The last suggestion should only be undertaken if your pillow has stains and when it’s really hot outside.