Memory Foam Pillow

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Filling: 100% visco elastic memory foam.

Cover: 50% cotton / 50% polyester cover.

Size: 46cm x 74cm (18” x 29”).

Firmness rating: medium / firm.

Memory Foam Pillow Information

The memory foam pillow is constructed from memory foam, it is also known as visco elastic memory foam. It has many useful properties; it has the ability to absorb your weight giving you superior support and changes shape when exposed to heat. It’s well known that memory foam was invented by NASA in the 1970s, the purpose for this was because they wanted to improve the safety for airline pilots and passengers by using it as crash protection and seat cushioning, ever since then, it has been most popularly used in bedding. The memory foam pillow is dense and viscous due to chemicals added with foamed polyurethane when memory foam is made.

Temper foam was the first name given to memory foam because memory foam changes shape when exposed to heat. This sparked the name for the brand Tempur who specifically sell memory foam products.

Due to the variety of features, the memory foam pillow is a high end pillow that are usually quite expensive, they also can be purchase in a range of shapes and sizes. The cheaper memory foam neck support pillows tend to be the standard shape pillow and then the more expensive one’s have an orthopaedic shape. The memory foam neck support pillow has got outstanding reviews amongst most customers with neck and back pains, I extremely recommend these pillows to be used for this purpose but it’s not for everyone. On the downside, the memory foam neck support pillow does radiate heat rapidly so it can be quite uncomfortable in hot environments and it can significantly smell when first opened so give it some time to air to prevent headaches when sleeping.

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