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This pair of Luxura jacquard pillows have a 100% super bounce polyester filling with a 80% polyester / 20% cotton cover. The Luxura jacquard pillows have a medium firmness rating, and an approximate size of 48cm x 74cm (19” x 29”.)

Jacquard Pillows Information

The jacquard pillow is a versatile pillow, it caters for a range of sleeping positions, jacquard pillow are great for people who sleep on their back, front and side. Jacquard pillows have a super bounce polyester filling as supposed to a normal polyester filling, the super bounce polyester filling retains its shape and this is why jacquard pillows are the pillow of choice amongst hotels. All in all, jacquard pillows are a good value pillow due to their quality and appearance.

The jacquard pillow design is unique in its own right, there are no other pillows out there and are actually one of the few pillows to include an aesthetic aspect. Like most synthetic pillows, jacquard pillows are light in weight and have a soft exterior.

It’s important to include that jacquard pillows are non allergenic and have minor similarities to a memory foam pillow in the way they mould to the shape of your head and neck when sleeping.

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