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This pair of Luxura hollowfibre pillows have a 75% polyester / 25% cotton filling with a 100% polyester cover. Luxura hollow fibre pillows have a soft to medium firmness rating, and an approximate size of 46cm x 72cm (18” x 28”.)

Hollowfibre Pillows Information

Hollowfibre pillows are one of the most popular synthetic fillings, sometimes hollowfibre pillows are referred to as polyester or microfibre pillows, even though they differ from microfibre pillows.

Much like all synthetic pillows; hollowfibre pillows light, cheap compared to natural fillings and a great option for those with any allergies. On the other hand, hollowfibre pillows only last half a year to a year’s time, they will start to clump in some areas and lose its bounce after that. Therefore, you might need to replace them from time to time.

The great thing about hollowfibre pillows is that they are a versatile pillow, this includes the majority of synthetic pillows as well. This means hollowfibre pillows appropriate for different types of sleepers.

Hollowfibre pillows have a hollowfibre filling, when broken down they are a polyester strand that cluster together to trap air and therefore insulate, this type of property is perfect for pillows and duvets. Hollowfibres come in different thicknesses (deniers), they are less flexible and thicker than microfibre.

Sometimes combing hollowfibre and microfibre to use for a pillow is a great idea because it blends unique features from both pillows to fit into to a single pillow.

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