Goose Feather and Down Pillow


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Filling: 85% goose feather / 15% down.

Cover: 100% cotton cambric.

Size: 48cm x 74cm (19” x 29”).

Firmness rating: medium.

Goose Feather and Down Pillow Information

Goose feather and down pillows are a comfortable pillow to sleep on due to their soft firmness rating. They have 15% goose down which is lighter and a better insulator compared to to regular goose feather. Down is from geese, specifically the layer underneath the feathers of geese. It’s important to note that it’s quite common to be allergic to goose feather and down pillows, so an alternative pillow will be needed, microfibre pillows offer similar characteristics to this pillow but are cheaper and anti allergenic.

Goose feather and down pillows are available in a variety of marketplaces, whether it’s a department shop or online, research is required before buying a pillow like this. It significantly varies in features: size, filling type, filling weight, thread count; all of these aspects need to be considered when buying an up market goose feather and down pillow.

Another important factor is filling weight, goose feather and down pillows are usually always soft but some won’t be well filled leaving empty areas where there’s no such filling, this can be very uncomfortable when sleeping. Make sure the filling is proportional to the case to ensure consistent support. Sleeping positions have a direct correlation with the firmness of a pillow you require, when sleeping on your stomach a softer pillow like a goose feather and down pillow is perfect but when sleeping on your back, a firmer pillow like an orthopaedic pillow or memory foam pillow would be appropriate.

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