Goose Feather and Down Duvet

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Filling: 85% goose feather / 15% down.

Cover: 100% cotton.

Tog: 10.5 / 13.5.

Sizes: single – 200cm x 135cm (79” x 53”) / double – 200cm x 200cm (79” x 79”) / king – 230cm x 220cm (91” x 87”) / super king – 260cm x 220cm (102” x 87”).

Goose Feather and Down Duvet Information

Like all the bedding we offer, you get what you pay for and the goose feather and down duvet is no exception. It’s a mid priced duvet and unique in the way it offers down like qualities at a fraction of the price. A 100% goose down duvet could cost you in the region of £200 plus and a cheaper natural or fibre option could cost you £20 but will not likely last long.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of illegitimate goose feather and down duvets in the bedding industry; these claim to contain a specific percentage of down which is not evident, label it as a high end duvet like Hungarian or Siberian down duvets include a very small percentage of down just so they can name it a down duvet. All of these methods are extremely common in today’s market and it’s a very sophisticated marketing plan to delude customers in to thinking they have made a good purchase. This makes it difficult to find a goose feather and down duvet, the price of the item is significant indicate to the quality and make sure they are a reliable retailer like ourselves, both these ways should help you in the quest for a superior option.

One other major talking point is the difference between goose feather and down; goose feather weighs more than goose down but weight isn’t an important feature, the more notable feature is that goose down insulate slightly better than goose feather but then this countered by the price difference and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the subtle difference in features.

Also, it’s a common misconception that goose feather is superior in comparison to duck feather, in some case duck feather as a filling can be a better option but this might be harder to find as the high quality duck feather duvets aren’t easy to obtain.

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10.5, 13.5