Duck Feather Pillows – Pair

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Filling: 100% duck feather.

Cover: 100% cotton cambric.

Size: 48cm x 74cm (19” x 29”).

Firmness rating: medium.

Duck Feather Pillows Information

A lot of customers dislike duck feather pillows due to the fact that the feathers can sometimes penetrate through the cover and annoy you while you sleep, this is why it is of significant importance to find a duck feather pillow with a high quality cover, this would have to be preferably cotton or cotton cambric. You simply wont have this problem any more because the thread count is too high and it’s a lot more thicker than the cheaper polyester covers, this will prevent any feathers poking through and you will no longer have to remove them. This is the main thing to look out for when buying duck feather pillows.

If you still don’t like them for any other reason, maybe you’re allergic to the feather, then microfibre pillows are a safe bet as they are notably more cheaper than duck feather pillows and have a similar feel. On the other hand, natural pillows like duck feather pillows are considered to be more durable than synthetic pillows like microfibre pillows. Therefore, they will last longer and you will get your money’s worth out of them but this isn’t reliable statement in some cases as pillows severely vary.

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