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This Luxura box pillow has a 100% super bounce polyester filling, and a high quality 100% cotton cambric cover with piped seams. The Luxura box pillow has a medium to firm firmness rating, and an approximate size of 41cm x 66cm x 8cm (16” x 26” x 3”.)

Box Pillow Information

Box pillows are an exciting new prospect, box pillows are not well established pillows but may gain exposure some time in the future. On the spectrum of pillow firmness, they are considered medium to firm. Like many other pillows, box pillows contour to the shape of your head and neck relieving you from any pains that you might have when sleeping with an ordinary pillow.

Box pillows cater for all types of sleeping positions: your back, side or front. our unique filling of super bounce polyester ensures the box pillow maintains in shape for an extensive period of time to allow you to have a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the interior of the box pillow compliments the exterior, the exterior has a superior quality cotton cambric cover finished with piped seems for an aesthetic value.

The box pillow is unique in comparison to other pillows out there, it offers remarkable durability and softness, this is a significant factor to consider when choosing a pillow because washing at high temperatures would damage pillows but it is less likely to affect the box pillow due to its innovative design.

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