Bounce Back Pillow

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Filling: 100% super bounce polyester.

Cover: 75% polyester / 25% cotton.

Size: 46cm x 72cm (18” x 28”).

Firmness rating: soft / medium.

Bounce Back Pillow Information

Bounce back pillows aren’t particularly a popular pillow, they have actually been around for a long time but have not gained the recognition they deserve. They’re a synthetic pillow which combines both quality and value all in one pillow, our bounce back pillows exceed expectation in quality and are £3.99 per pillow.

They use a super bounce polyester filling as opposed to a common polyester filling. A super bounce polyester filling is more bouncy hence its name and will remain supportive for a long time.

This can evidently be seen when comparing the two different pillow fillings to each other, the super bounce polyester will retain its bounce and be more durable over the traditional polyester filling. We recommend a harder pillow to be used with the super bounce pillow, an orthopaedic pillow or memory foam pillow would be perfect to compliment it

After about approximately 4 weeks time, the conventional super bounce pillows will start to reduce in its bounce and the polyester would clump together leaving you with an unpleasant sleep. You get this an awful lot of times as most of it is marketing and it doesn’t say what it does on the tin.

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