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This pair of Luxura anti allergy pillows have a 100% super bounce polyester filling with a 100% microfibre polyester cover. Luxura hypoallergenic pillows have a soft to medium firmness rating, and an approximate size of 46cm x 72cm (18” x 28”.)

Anti Allergy Pillows Information

Rhinitis, eczema and asthma are all caused by the dust mite allergen, dust mite droppings are what cause the reaction in humans. Bedding is a catalyst environment for dust mites, they can be found in all areas of the bed where there is a source of dead skin cells

If you have a dust mite allergy and it is initiated when in bed, then this is a significant sign to change your bedding to anti allergy bedding. Unfortunately, eliminating dust mites will not aid your allergy. Destroying the allergen will ensure you are allergy free.

Whether it is online or in store, there are many illegitimate anti allergy pillows, these do not offer any sort of protection for anyone with an allergy condition, making the wrong choice is not only an expensive mistake but could be a serious health risk. This could potentially be very dangerous as you could be exposed to a variety of allergens without knowing and you would of wasted money on anti allergy pillows.

The term “hypoallergenic” indicates that the anti allergy pillows seem to minimise allergies. The term “anti allergy” indicates that the anti allergy pillows are specifically designed to banish allergies and inhibit the rapid growth of dust mites which cause the allergy.

Synthetic Anti Allergy Pillows Or Natural Anti Allergy Pillows?

Studies from several hospitals have reported that dust mites increase in numbers when a synthetic filling is used in comparison to a natural filling but this is dependent on whether the synthetic anti allergy pillow has been treated with an anti allergy spray.

If you are prepared to wash at 60°c and above then it is irrelevant which filling you use as this is a effective way to kill allergens. Leading on to my next point, this emphasise the importance of buying high quality anti allergy pillows that can endure hundreds of washes at 60°c and above.

Ideally, anti allergy pillows should be wash every month at 60°c, this means allergens can be consistently destroyed from the washing. Anti allergy pillows that are predominantly chemically made are not suitable for allergy sufferers. Also, 100% polyester covers should be avoided as they don’t help with dust mite prevention. It’s important to note, natural fibres are typically assist condition like eczema better than synthetic materials which cannot regulate temperature and therefore get too hot.

The only downside being that most natural products cannot be washed at 60°c, this can leave you with a tough choice between the two. You could try dry cleaning them but it might not be effective as only little percentage of allergen is removed and is not advised for people who have a reaction when exposed to chemicals.

This can also be the case with some anti allergy pillow with a synthetic filling as they can only be washed at 40°c. Otherwise it might damage the anti allergy pillows but generally it’s easier to find an anti allergy that is synthetic to wash at an allergen killing temperature than it is to find a natural anti allergy pillow.

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