Polyester VS Cotton Pillows

When it comes to pillows you have so many choices. There are natural-fill pillows, latex, cotton, polyester and many more. Bounce pillows by Luxura are made with 75% polyester fibre and is one of the company’s top seller. But how does it compare to cotton pillows? Check out the pros and cons of these types of pillows.

Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows are filled with cotton. They are all natural and are ideal for allergy sufferers. The cotton fibre breathes better than synthetic that’s why they feel cooler against the skin. Care for cotton pillows is also easier since you can basically just throw them in the washing machine. While care instructions will differ from brand to brand, there’s usually very little difference. Organic cotton is also a good alternative if you have sensitivity against synthetic pillows.


Cotton pillows are usually more expensive than polyester or bounce pillows. Aside from the price deterrent, cotton pillows start out as fluffy and soft in the beginning but clump up and become hard after a while. They also take longer to dry and washing and drying it can change its shape and how it feels.


Polyester or bounce pillows are an all-time favourite because they are affordable and relatively easy to care for. When your polyester pillow become flat, simply fluff them and they will bounce back to fluffiness and softness. They are favourites among those who suffer from neck pains because they retain their shape easily and do not get squished immediately like cotton pillows. Bounce pillows are also easy to care for and dry quickly compared to cotton pillows.


These pillows will feel lumpy if they are not fluffed often. This is usually due to the polyester filling that clump up inside especially when they get wet. Because polyester is synthetic it also feels hotter against the skin compared to natural-fill pillows. They are also a favourite breeding ground for dust mites which is bad when you suffer from diseases like psoriasis, eczema, asthma and have dust mite allergy.


Polyester or bounce pillows are an inexpensive choice when you are on a budget or like to change pillows often. They are easy to care for and dry quickly. However, they can be a poor choice when you have allergies or skin disease due to the synthetic polyester filling. In this case, cotton pillows are a good choice. Like bounce pillows they are easy to care for but dry longer. They can be more on the expensive side but is still a good investment if you have allergies or skin disease.