Memory Foam Mattress Topper Vs Spring Mattress Toppers

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Spring mattress toppers have been around for a long time. They are an inexpensive way to get a good night’s rest and can last more than 10 years. Memory foam mattress toppers on the other hand are relatively new. They are more on the expensive side and with good care, can last as long as your spring mattress topper. But are these two types of mattresses really created equally? Let’s find out.


Spring mattress toppers are called so because of the coiled springs that acts like shock absorbers to reduce the wear and tear on the mattress. Generally speaking, the fewer coils there are, the thicker the springs. Weak coils are usually between 1.63mm to 1.37mm in thickness give in easily to pressure while coils 1.94mm feel firmer. This is good news for people who like firm mattresses and bad news for those who like soft ones since weaker springs usually don’t last long.
Memory foam mattress topper king size feel firm to the touch but can actually mould itself to your body shape. Sleeping on this kind of mattress should feel firm but it won’t compromise your back, joints or hips. This is because memory foam mattress reacts to body heat making it softer so it will feel softer as your weight gets absorbed into the foam.

Temperature Sensitive

Memory foam mattress toppers are heat sensitive. This type of foam was developed by NASA for their pilots. The foam reacts to body heat and will get softer to provide more comfort to the user. This is good news for people with injuries since these spots are usually warmer compared to the body. The foam will help dissipate pressure relieving you from aches and pains and helping you recover more quickly.
Spring mattress toppers have coils that push back equal pressure. This means that there will be areas that are not as well supported as the rest since it relies solely on your weight. This means it can be hard to find a good sleeping position if you’re injured.


Spring mattress toppers need to be rotated on each side so that wear and tear is distributed evenly. Folding or bending the mattress is also not advised.
No need to rotate your memory foam mattress topper king. You can also bend or fold it since it will bounce back to its natural shape once pressure is relieved.

To summarize:

Memory Foam Mattress Topper
• Easy to maintain
• Ideal for injuries
• Stays firm with no spring poking out after years of use

• Expensive compared to spring toppers
• Poor quality foam mattress toppers can give off foul smell
Spring Mattress Toppers

• Very Affordable
• Durable

• No back support
• Loss off support after 2 years
• Does not distribute body weight efficiently


Spring mattress toppers should have been discontinued in the 80’s. However, it looks like they’re here to stay because of their affordable price. If you want better support and a good night’s sleep it’s better to buy a memory foam mattress topper king size. They are more comfortable and ideal if you experience body aches, back pain or injury. Check out’s memory foam mattress topper now.

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