Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double VS Latex Mattress Topper

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Memory foam pillows and mattress toppers are gaining popularity over old school types of cushions such as latex and box spring. This is because memory foam mattress toppers are easy to transport, very comfortable and are ideal to use for people with joint pain and body injuries. But this does not mean to say that latex foam toppers do not have fans. Many people still like this type of mattress topper because it is affordable and maintenance free. In the battle of mattress toppers, which should you choose?

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double


Memory foam mattress topper double sized is ideal for people with injuries. When you get hurt or have joint pain, that area of your body is hotter and memory foam mattress toppers have material that can get softer when in contact with warmer areas. This means better support for people with joint pain and injures. Memory foam mattress topper double is also ideal to use if you have guests. Instead of having them sleep in your sofa or on the floor, they can enjoy a more comfortable sleep. This is also easy to transport so you can bring your memory foam mattress topper double size with you during camping trips. Memory foam mattress do not have do not have coiled springs so you won’t be able to feel your bedmate’s turning and tosses while sleeping.


Memory foam mattress topper in double can be very hard to clean. In fact, experts do not recommend washing your mattress topper. All you can do to keep it clean is to use a topper protector or guard to shield against stains and dust. Memory foam mattress toppers are also made from space age materials so it is more expensive compared to latex foam toppers. Memory foam is not breathable so it can feel hot during warm weather. New memory foam mattress toppers can also give off a bad smell called “off gassing” which can be problematic.

Latex Foam Toppers


Latex foam toppers are a very popular choice for refreshing old or lumpy mattresses because they are very affordable. Latex is also very durable so it can last for many years. For people with allergies, make sure to buy foam toppers made from natural latex because it can naturally repel dust mites and help minimize allergic reactions.


Like memory foam mattress topper double, latex toppers can be hard to clean. The best you can do is to buy mattress covers and guards to keep dust and moisture away. In some cases, latex mattress toppers can be too firm which can create discomfort especially to those experiencing joint paints or injuries. It is also hard to bring this along during camping trips because latex toppers are still heavy and hard to transport.


Check out Luxura’s memory foam mattress topper double size for a more comfortable night’s rest. It is affordable and easy to use.

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