How Pillow Protectors Protect You

Many people are asking why they need a pillow protector. They are also wondering why a pillow case isn’t enough. In some cases, pillow cases are enough to protect your pillow from dust, sweat and stains. However, there are also times when you need more than a pillow case and this is where the pillow protector comes in. A pillow protector is an added layer between your pillow and pillow cases. Its main function is to keep your pillow stain-free and dust free.

For people who have dust sensitivity they know that dust is not really the problem. The problem is dust mites and their droppings. Dust mites like to feed on dead human skin cells that we shed on a daily basis. These dead skin cells accumulate in our beds, linens, towels, clothing, carpets and just about anywhere humans are. Pillows and pillow cases are not spared from dust mites. People who have allergic reactions are not really reacting to the mites but their droppings which is why it is important to protect yourself from dust mites.

Luxura’s quilted pillow protectors are hypoallergenic. This means that it has been treated specifically to repel dust mites. Protecting your pillow using a pillow protector from Luxura means that your pillow is safe from dust mite infestation so allergic symptoms will be minimized. As long as your pillow is encased in the protector it will repel dust mites so you will only need to change your pillow cases regularly to ensure that they don’t get contaminated too.

Pillow protectors are not just for dust mite protection. They can also protect your pillows against spills and stains. Some people are really sweaty when they go to sleep and this can be transferred onto the pillow. Sweat is what caused those yellowish stains from appearing. Aside from this, eating in bed can also cause liquids and food particles to fall into your pillows. A pillow protector can help protect your pillow from unwanted bodily fluids, liquids and foods. It might not seem much but the added layer can help prevent liquids from seeping through especially if you use Luxura’s quilted pillow protectors.

A pillow protector is more affordable compared to always buying new sets of pillows. According to the Sleep Authority, pillows need to be washed every 6 months and changed every 2-3 years. Constantly changing pillows or washing them can be very inconvenient. However, using a pillow protector can extend their lifespan and is easier to clean and maintain compared to pillows.

Quilted pillow protectors are an economical and easy way of controlling dust mites while preserving the cleanliness of your pillow. It also protects against spills and sweat to ensure a good night sleep.