HollowFibre Pillow Care Tips

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Hollowfibre pillows are a UK favorite because they are affordable and easy to maintain. They are also gaining popularity in the hotel industry because of these reasons. The National Sleep Organization recommends the changing of pillows every three years to prevent the buildup of bacteria, dust and allergens. But before three years, they also recommend that pillows be washed every 6 months. Here are tips to make sure that your hollowfibre pillows last 3 years.

Wash Cycle

You can wash your pillows in the washing machine using regular wash cycle. This is usually enough to make sure that bacteria, viruses, germs and dust mites die. To make sure that they do not survive, make sure to launder the pillows in hot water. Use mild detergent so you don’t destroy the polyester and cotton filling inside.
If you want hand wash your pillows, get a basin and fill it with hot water and dissolve detergent. Get your pillow and submerge the pillow in the hot sudsy water. Let it soak for around 15 minutes and get a soft brush. Brush all around the pillow and then rinse thoroughly. Make sure that the water is clear before hanging it out to dry.

Dry Cycle

Hollowfibre pillows usually take around 2 hours to become fully dry in your dryer. After spin drying it in your washing machine, transfer to your dryer and set to medium heat. Once the pillow is done, fluff it until it returns to its normal shape. Wet pillows are clumpy so if you feel lots of clumps, dry again for 15 minutes or hang it out to dry.

Quilted Pillow Protector

You can also opt to buy a quilted pillow protector to keep your pillow clean and stain free. A pillow protector acts like a pillow case but with a zipper. The quilt is added protection so it might be able to save your pillow from your saliva. It is also easier to wash and maintain compared to your whole pillow.

A quilted pillow protector can also extend the life of your hollowfibre pillows by protecting it from allergens. Luxura’s Quilted Pillow protector is non allergenic helping protect you from allergens like dust mites. It is composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton cover making it ideal for allergy sufferers.


The sun is a natural germ and bacteria killer. Sunning your hollowfibre pillows kills germs and bacteria while providing a deodorizing effect. If you don’t have time to wash your pillow but feel that it really needs a good washing, a good alternative is to leave them out on a hot day and let the sun do its magic. As a bonus, your pillows smell great after a few hours outside the sun. don’t forget to turn to the other side for even sunning.

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