Goose Feather and Down Duvet Care Tips

Goose feather and down duvet is the perfect snuggle buddy during cold nights. They are also very comfortable, warm and soft. Most down and goose feather duvets are expensive which is why caring for them properly is very important. First of all, most duvets are machine washable. However, it is best to wash your goose feather and down duvet using a washing machine without an agitator because it causes unnecessary stress on the comforter. If you want to wash your duvet but have a washing machine with an agitator, go to a professional laundry cleaner and avail of their services.

Duvet Protector

One of the best ways to protect your goose feather and down duvet from oils, sweat, spills, stains, food and other liquids is by purchasing a duvet cover protector. It works just like a pillow protector but for your duvet. Washing your duvet protector is easier than washing the duvet itself. You can simply wash the duvet protector with other bed clothes or with other laundry.


Airing your goose feather and down duvet is also another easy and affordable way to help clean your duvet. Unlike other cleaning methods, airing is easy and free. Do this when the weather is hot and the sun is out. Simply hang your duvet on the clothes line for at least 30 minutes every other week. The sun is a very powerful disinfectant thanks to its powerful UV rays. According to scientists, a few minutes under the sun is enough to kill up to 99% of microbes.

Exposing your duvet to sunlight is also a good way to get rid of minor bed bug infestation. Take advantage of a hot day and hang your goose and down feather duvet on a porch railing or clothes line. Leave it out for 4-5 hours in direct sunlight. Bugs will leave your duvet and crawl to shaded areas to escape the heat.

While airing your duvet, shake out clumps and fluff it a couple of times to force air into the duvet. This will help the material inside regain its shape and redistribute itself.


The best way to wash your goose feather and down duvet is to use warm water on gentle cycle. As stated above you need a washing machine without an agitator. Even if you have the right washing machine, it is still best to have your goose feather and down duvet laundered professionally. You will need an oversized front-loading washing machine, tennis balls, mild detergent and lots of patience.

Stuff your goose feather and down duvet inside the washing machine and use a small amount of mild detergent. It is best to use detergent sparingly because too much will strip away the goose and down feathers. Add two additional rinse cycles to ensure that there is no detergent left. Dry your goose feather and down duvet in a XL capacity dryer set on low. It will take 8 – 12 hours to ensure that your duvet is completely dry. Add a few tennis balls to fluff up the comforter during the drying session.

To make sure that it is dry, hold it up over an overhead light to ensure that there are no clumps. If there are still clumps, run it through another dryer cycle. Damp duvet conditions are perfect breeding ground for mould.