Cotton Tea Towels VS Conventional Tea Towels

Who needs to fuss with tea towels, right? Isn’t one tea towel the same as the others? If you’re asking why we’re fussing over tea towels, then there are a lot of things you should know about before buying one. Because tea towels are some of the most hard-working kitchen and household tools, it pays to know more about them. Here’s our showdown: cotton tea towels vs conventional tea towels.

Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton is one of the most important crops in the world today. It is used not only for clothing like shirts and socks, but in other products too like coffee filters, fishnets, archival paper and book binding. This is because cotton is highly absorbent. If you notice, cotton shirts make you feel cooler compared to wearing shirts made from other material. By drawing away sweat from your body, you feel cool faster. This absorbent property also comes in handy when you want to soak up water and other liquid from counter tops, stoves, tables and for drying dishes.

Cotton tea towels are also highly durable. This is because of its high tensile strength making it less prone to tears or rips. Because it is mainly used in the kitchen, cotton tea towels are less likely to retain odour once you wash it. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Cotton tea towels won’t stretch and pill so you can use it comfortably for longer.

Conventional Tea Towels

The typical tea towel is usually made of polyester materials. This is great because polyester is cheaper and more affordable than cotton. It is also easy to maintain. Simply stick it in the wash and it will be clean when it comes out. Polyester tea towels are very popular so you can buy them in many stores. Like cotton, polyester tea towels are also very durable because they can stretch. One of the reasons why conventional tea towels made from polyester are affordable is because they are highly recyclable and best of all, the recycled polyester has the same quality as the original.

Polyester tea towels are easy to clean too but the material bonds quickly with oil-based liquids. So, if you want to use it to soak up spilled cooking oils, you will have a hard time getting the oil and the stain out of the tea towel. They are durable, but cotton is stronger and will last longer, meaning that your tea towel will wear down quickly and will need replacing often. Therefore, you will need to change your conventional tea towels to cotton ones if you want to experience value for money.

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