Coping With Allergies Through Anti Allergy Pillows

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Luxura Anti Allergy Pillows

Coping with allergies can be hard especially if it is allergy season. But when your allergy is triggered by dust, life can be harder because dust is everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, dust allergy is not triggered by dust particles. It is triggered by an allergen found in dust mite droppings that can be found the dust. Dust mites primarily feed on dead skin cells so completely eliminating them from your life is very hard.

The good news is that you can minimize the multiplication of dust mites by switching to anti allergy pillows, duvets, sheets and pillow cases. These pillows are specially treated so that it halts the multiplication of these tiny creatures. In some cases, the filling used in the pillows is naturally resistant to dust mites.


Dust mite allergy is very common. Some of the symptoms of this allergy include sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and throat, rashes and stuffy nose. In some cases, dust mite allergy can also cause skin problems like eczema and psoriasis and even health problems such as asthma. By switching to washable polyester anti-allergy pillows such as those manufactured by Luxura, you can help minimize your symptoms because these pillows are treated and sanitized so that they deter dust mites. In the case of natural-fill pillows such as latex, feather and wool, these materials are naturally dust mite resistant.

Dust Mite-Proof Your Room

According to studies, children who switch to anti allergy pillows had less frequent asthma attacks and needed less medicine compared to kids who continued to use their regular pillows. Aside from changing pillows, parents can also switch to anti allergy duvets, blankets, bed sheets and pillow cases. Doing so will decrease the chances of dust mite multiplication. Aside from switching bed linens, allergy sufferers should also clean their sleeping and living areas regularly. Sheets, pillow cases and blankets should be washed weekly in hot water. This is very important because cold or lukewarm water will not kill dust mites.

For your anti-allergy pillows, most pillows are washable except for latex. The pillows have to be washed in 60°C water. This temperature will help kill dust mite colonies that could be festering in your pillow. Washing pillows once a month and changing pillow cases weekly should minimize dust mite colonies living in your pillows and sheets. If you own a feather anti allergy pillow, this is even better because you can wash it up to 90°C in your washer. This will not only kill dust mites but sanitize your pillow.

People who have no dust mite allergy can skip the anti allergy pillows but people who have a sensitivity to dust mites should invest in these types of pillows and sheets. To make sure you are allergic to dust mites, take an allergy test. Dust mites usually proliferate in warm humid areas so make sure to take them seriously during summer season or if you live in warm climate areas.