Tips For Choosing A Mattress Topper June 21, 2016 14:06

When your mattress is too firm of if it's too lumpy for your own taste you can "refresh" it by buying a mattress topper. As the name implies, it is a pad placed on top of your regular mattress to make it more comfortable. People who have bought mattress toppers before like it because it feels like you bought a new mattress. However, it should be said that a mattress topper will not help your sagging mattress. In this case, you need to buy a brand new mattress.

Many people like to buy mattress toppers because they are more convenient to transport and are more affordable. When finding the right mattress topper, you need to consider the following factors first.


Just like beds and mattresses, toppers come in different sizes such as single, double, queen and king size. Choosing the right size should be easy for you since you just need to get one the same size as your current mattress. However, if you’re using a topper as a guest futon or extra bed, you need to think of the people who will be using it and the storage space you can allot for it.


Mattress toppers differ in thickness too. They come in 2,3 or 4 inches. 2 inch thick toppers are ideal for lighter people since they don’t need lots of support. They are also usually the most affordable. 3 inch toppers are ideal for heavier people, while the 4 inch thick topper is best suited for people who are over 230 lbs.


Generally speaking, the more dense the better the support is for the user. Topper density refers to the weight of one cubic foot per topper. Denser mattress toppers are ideal for people with injuries since it will support the bone, muscle or injury better compared to toppers that are less dense. People who have joint pains or have injuries should opt for toppers with a density of at least 4.


The foam also comes in many different types. Usually mattress toppers are made from latex foam or memory foam. Generally speaking, latex foam is cheaper and is ideal for moderate support. People with joint pain and injuries will benefit greatly when using memory foam mattress toppers because the foam is able to disperse pain from injuries by providing focused support.


While naturally hypoallergenic, mattress toppers can still attract dust, dust mites, germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is always better to buy a mattress topper that provides additional protection through its cover. For best relaxation and sleep, you can choose 100% cotton as cover since it is breathable and ideal for those living in warm climate. There are also mattress toppers that come with hypoallergenic cover which makes them great options for those suffering from allergies.