Tea Towels: Overlooked and Underestimated June 21, 2016 14:00

Most of us don’t mind the tea towels we find in the kitchen. They are just there for our convenience but most of us do not give them a second glance. The tea towel is an often overlooked and underestimated tool in the kitchen. Once it is used to dry the dishes, it is once again relegated to its hanging place, forgotten until it needs to be used again. But the tea towel is one of the hardest working tools in the kitchen. Here's why the tea towel is underappreciated by many.


For many, the tea towel is mainly used to dry dishes. But it can do more than that. Housekeepers know how hardworking it can be. Aside from drying, it can also be used to mop up spilled liquids, wipe counters and even works as a napkin if you don’t have one handy. Despite, it's name, tea towel; its service is not actually delegated to just toweling delicate pieces of china. The tea towel can handle different kinds of messes and even serve as an all-around rag.

Easy Maintenance

The tea towel is unassuming and is also easy to clean and maintain. Tea towels used to be made of linen but are mostly composed of cotton nowadays. Cotton is very absorbent which is why the tea towel is mainly used as a drying cloth, but it is also very easy to wash. You can hand wash your tea towel and hang it out to dry or you can use the washing machine and dryer to keep it in pristine condition.


There are tea towels made from polyester but they are not too absorbent however they are more affordable compared to cotton ones. No matter what type you buy, they will always provide good value for money. At Luxura UK for example, it is possible to buy a pack of 4-piece tea towels at £3.99, which makes one tea towel cost approximately £1. If you consider the average lifespan of a tea towel and it's cost it will end up cheaper compared to constantly buying paper towels for your family.


Speaking of paper towels, tea towels are a very cost effective and cheaper alternative. The average person uses .7 paper towel rolls in 1 week. In a family of 4 this can be around 3 rolls per week or 12 rolls per month which translates to paper towel costs of £10 per month, £120 per year. However, Luxura's tea towels only cost £3.99. Even if you use 1 pack of 4 per month, the cost is still way below the total for paper towels which makes them a more practical and economical kitchen tool.

In the old days, tea towels were used by the lady of the house to dry china, a job not to be entrusted to servants. It was also a good medium for them to show their embroidery skills. Nowadays, tea towels are not just decorative. They serve a tougher purpose: keeping china and the kitchen clean.