Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double June 21, 2016 16:33

Memory foam mattress is everywhere. There are beds, pillows, slippers, bras, dog beds and memory foam mattress toppers in different sizes. Memory foam mattress toppers are different from conventional toppers because they are made from polyurethane cells with added chemicals which can increase its density. These cells also make the mattress heat sensitive which enables it to compress and mould itself to the user's body shape and weight. This means that protruding or heavy body parts like hips or buttocks sink more deeply into the mattress relieving pressure and distributing weight more evenly along the mattress topper.

If you're thinking of getting a memory foam mattress topper in the double size, you need to know its pros and cons.


Unlike spring mattress toppers, memory foam mattress topper double has no springs or coils so there is no squeaking. It also won’t sag as it gets older. Sleeping with a tosser is also easier with a memory foam mattress topper double because it absorbs energy so you won’t be affected by their movements. The memory foam mattress topper double is ideal for people who suffer from joint pain and have injuries to their bodies because it can distribute weight and mould itself to the body shape eliminating pressure points. It is also long lasting and requires almost no maintenance.


The polyurethane material is space age as it was developed by NASA. However, it can still result in a sweaty sleep during warm or hot weather because memory foam mattress toppers retain heat. Toppers are smaller and lighter than mattresses but they can still be heavy and hard to flip or turn over. The polyurethane material can also give off a smell especially if it is still new. Parents are also not advised to use memory foam mattress toppers for their babies because the heat sensitive foam can trap carbon dioxide causing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Lastly, memory foam mattress toppers are more expensive compared to conventional toppers.


If you don’t mind the disadvantages, then make your new topper a memory foam mattress topper double. It can help you get better rest and sleep by moulding itself to your weight and shape. It is very ideal for people with injuries. Painful and sore areas in the body have slightly higher temperature. The heat sensitive foam can sense this temperature differences so injured or painful areas will sink lower into the mattress to help relieve pain and pressure. Therefore it is a good choice for people with joint pain or athletes who frequently experience injuries.

Since memory foam mattress topper double is more expensive, try to shop around to find the best deal. Check Luxura UK's memory foam mattress toppers that come in different sizes. They are made from quality materials so you will have a better sleeping experience.