Mattress Toppers For Good Night Sleep June 21, 2016 13:55

A mattress topper goes on top of your regular mattress to provide extra support and comfort to the user. Aside from this, it can also extend the life of your mattress by bearing the brunt of the weight of the sleeper. It comes in many sizes and features ranging from the simply mattress topper to those ultra cozy ones that comes with hypoallergenic cover for extra protection.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of material. Some of the most common toppers are made from latex foam, memory foam, feather and wool. Perhaps the most affordable is the latex topper while the most popular is the memory foam topper. Here are some cool benefits to using a mattress topper.

More Affordable

Mattress toppers are more affordable compared to buying a whole mattress. At Luxura, a double sized memory foam mattress topper retails at £59.99 while a brand new mattress of the same size can cost around £199. It is a good way to get a good night's sleep when your old mattress is lumpy and you don’t have funds to buy a new mattress. Aside from being affordable, mattress toppers are also smaller and easier to transport so you get to save on delivery fees.

Comfortable Materials

One of the best reasons why mattress toppers can provide better comfort is their materials. Depending on the topper you buy, it can be made from feather, latex, memory foam and wool. Memory foam has gained popularity because it can provide better support for people who suffer from joint pains and injuries. Feather provides a cloud-like feeling while wool is naturally repels moisture and has the ability to stay cool even during hot days.

Easy to Maintain

If you've tried airing out your mattress to decontaminate it or clean it, you know how heavy and tough the job is going to be. Mattresses are heavy and bringing them up and down the stairs can be cumbersome. Mattress toppers are lighter and manoeuvring them around corners or up and down the stairs is easier. They are also foldable so they can be carried by one person compared to at least 2 with a mattress.

Speaking of maintenance, mattress toppers also need proper care. If your topper comes with a cover, it needs to be washed at least twice a year. You can also air it or vacuum it to get rid of dust and allergens. If your topper does not have a cover, you can air it out in the hot sun to kill germs and bacteria at least twice a year.

Extra Bed

If you have guests over and don’t have a spare bed, you can buy a mattress topper to serve as their bed so that they can at least have a comfortable stay at your house. It can easily be stored and assembled and more restful than sleeping on the floor.