How to Buy Mattress Protector June 21, 2016 13:43

You might be amazed at how many kinds of mattress protectors are available in the market today. To the uninitiated, one mattress protector looks the same as all the others. In most cases, when you don’t know what you're buying, you end up with the wrong product. When it comes to mattress protectors, there are so many choices so we decided to give you tips on how to buy one.

Grams Per Square Meter

One of the things to look at when choosing a mattress protector is to check the GSM or grams per square meter. If you're on a budget, a 50 to 100 gsm is a good choice. It will provide adequate comfort and will be a bit lightweight. If you have the cash to spare go for something luxurious like a 1000 gsm quilted waterproof mattress topper. This will provide you with maximum comfort with special filling so that no quilt will feel lumpy. It will be on the more expensive side but it will feel like you're sleeping on a cloud filled mattress.


Mattress protectors also come with different types of fabric as cover. There are protectors that are advertised as hypoallergenic making them good options to people who suffer from dust mite allergy.

Another good option are mattress protectors that are waterproof. Luxura's quilted waterproof mattress protector has a 100% hollowfibre polyester filling and has a polypropylene or PVC like backing which prevents liquids and wetness from going through the protector. This is ideal for people who suffer from incontinence, babies and people who are prone to spilling liquids in their beds.


It is also best to take a look at what your filling material is. Budget mattress protectors usually have a polyester filling. Mid range priced protectors like those from Luxura UK have hollowfibre filling while luxury mattress protectors usually have ball fibre filling incased in boxes to prevent them from moving around in the quilt. Luxury quilted mattress protectors can be expensive but you can think of them as investing in good night's sleep.

Fire Safety

It is also important that the quilted waterproof mattress protector you buy is also fire retardant. While this does not necessarily mean that it won’t catch fire, it does give you an extra measure of protection because it means that the material won’t burn quickly.

Buying mattress protectors that comply with fire safety regulations is important not only for homes but for the hospitality industry as well.

Before buying a mattress protector it is also a good idea to make sure of the measurement of the mattress it will be protecting. Most protectors come in single, double, queen and king size. Find the right kind of quilted waterproof mattress protector when you shop at