How Many Pillows Do You Need? June 21, 2016 16:23

Pillow number is a personal choice. Some people sleep with only one pillow while others prefer at least two. Still there are others that use different shaped pillows to address pain and comfort issues they may have. So, how many pillows do you really need in order to sleep comfortably? Let's ask science.

The right number of pillows can greatly increase your sleeping comfort. Pillows serve an important function because they can help align the spine and support the neck while sleeping. The right number of pillows can help prevent back, neck and upper spine pain.

Pillows are designed to support the upper body and keep it aligned to help relieve pressure while sleeping. Pillows, like Luxura UK's Pillow Duo should adjust to the user's unique shape and sleeping position to help alleviate any pain from joints and other pressure points.

If you notice, the human neck curves slightly forward in order to support the head when a person is upright. This natural position should be supported even while you are sleeping. While our research shows that it is better to personally experiment on the number of pillows one needs, it is still best to opt for the Pillow Duo since you are getting 2 pillows already and it will be easier to experiment if you need 1 or 2 pillows.

For those suffering from neck or spine discomfort, start out with one pillow. If you find that one pillow can adequately support and cradle your upper spine and neck after a few uses then try out how you feel with two pillows. It is best to evaluate if your rest is adequate with the number of pillows you have. Pay special attention to how fast you are able to fall asleep and how you feel upon waking up. If you still feel any discomfort; try adding or losing a pillow.

If you find that the pillow is too high when sleeping on your back or side, this might be because your neck or head is bent at an unnatural angle. This can cause muscle aches and in some cases a narrowing of the air pipes which can result in obstructed sleeping and snoring which results in un-restful sleep. However, if the pillows are too low neck and spine muscles are inadequately supported resulting in the same thing.

Science recommends experimenting with different heights until you find a comfortable number. You can also change filling which can also affect the comfort levels of your neck and spine. Try Luxura's Pillow Duo which is goose feather and fibre filled. They have a soft to firm firmness rating that can give you the support you need especially if you sleep on your back and side.

The pillow is made from super bounce polyester which means you have comfort and easy maintenance. Simply fluff the pillow every morning and it will regain its shape and is ready for your use at night. The Pillow Duo is covered with 100% cambric fabric for breathability and comfort.