Goose Feather and Down Duvet VS Wool Duvet June 21, 2016 15:22

When it comes to duvets nothing is more comfortable than snuggling in a goose feather and down duvet or a woolen duvet. Other natural duvets such as alpaca wool and silk are also available but the two aforementioned are perhaps the most popular choices. If you’re in the market for a new duvet, you need to find the best one suited for your needs. Here's how to choose between a goose feather and down duvet and a woolen one.


You have to think about your usually room temperature when choosing between these two duvets. If you like to sleep in cold temperature, buy a woolen duvet. Wool is really good in retaining body heat. It will keep you warm even if your room is really cold. It will feel heavy and hot during summer months though so you still need to put the A/C on during summer months to use this duvet.

Goose feather and down duvet on the other hand is ideal for people who like to sleep in cool rooms. It can keep you warm and is breathable so you won't feel hot and sticky if you use it during warmer months.


Although both types of duvets are very comfortable, they still differ in the kind of comfort they offer. If you like cloud like sleeping environment, then the feather duvets is your best choice. They are very soft and feel very luxurious. Best of all it feels very lightweight.

Wool duvets are also luxurious and comfortable but they have a "blanket feel" to them compared to down duvets. This is very ideal if you like to feel cocooned around your duvet. Wool is also heavier compared to down and slightly dense.


For both wool and down duvets, it is best to follow instructions on the care label if you want to wash your duvets. Goose feather and down duvets are better off dry cleaned by the professionals. However you can still launder them at home every couple of years using mild detergent and the lowest setting on the dryer. Wool duvets can be machine washed but it’s best to air dry them instead of sticking them in the dryer.

Both types of fabric need to be totally dry before they are used or stored to discourage mould and mildew.


Between the two, wool duvets are generally more expensive. In most stores, woolen ones can start at around £80. Goose feather and down duvets on the other hand can start at around £19.99 at Luxura UK. Wool is a good investment since it can last a long time if you take care of it properly. However, down duvets are an economical alternative that provides luxury and comfort at the same time.