Goose Feather and Down Duvet VS Synthetic Duvet June 21, 2016 14:24

Goose feather and down duvets are made from goose feathers and are some of the most comfortable duvets available on the planet. They are very handy to have around on a cold winter night since the goose and down feathers provide good insulation against the cold. While they are on the expensive side, they are durable and can last many years. Synthetic duvets on the other hand are usually made from manmade materials. They are also usually cheaper and are readily available in many department stores.

Aside from price points and comfort, goose feather and down duvets differ greatly from synthetic duvets. Let’s find out just how different these two types of duvets are.


No man made material can compete against goose feather and down when it comes to the warmth they provide. This type of comforter is made from natural goose feathers and is very good in providing insulation. Goose feather and down duvets are able to provide warmth but without the heavy feeling. They are also breathable so you are able to stay warm without the sweaty feeling.

Synthetic duvets can also provide warmth and are cheaper. The problem with synthetic duvets is that they can be too warm since they need to be heavy to provide maximum heating. You can end up sweaty and hot when using synthetic duvets.


Synthetic duvets are best suited for people with allergies. If you have allergies make sure to find a duvet that is made from hypoallergenic materials. These will keep your allergy symptoms manageable. To make sure that they are always allergen free, wash them in 140°F (60°C) temperature to make sure that allergens are eliminated.

Goose feather and down duvets on the other hand can trigger feather allergy and can sometimes attract other allergens such as dust mites.

Washer and Dryer Friendly

If you want something easy to wash and dry, opt for a synthetic duvet. But if you don’t mind the extra care it takes to wash your goose feather and down duvet then you can take it to a professional dry cleaner to have it cleaned. You can also do this yourself by using a very mild detergent. After washing, put it in the dryer and use the coolest setting. Remove it occasionally and fluff it to help the feathers retain its original loft. Make sure it is completely dry before using or storing since mould and mildew can fester in damp down comforters.


Synthetic duvets are usually cheaper because they are made from readily available manmade materials. Most factories mass produce them so the prices are usually within reach for many people.

Goose feather and down duvets are more expensive and price levels vary depending on the stuffing used. If you want feathers but want something more affordable, goose feather duvets are more affordable compared to pure down duvets. A combination of goose and down feathers is more economical. However, it can still be expensive especially if high-loft feathers are used.

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