Benefits of Using HollowFibre Pillows June 21, 2016 13:32

HollowFibre pillows are pillows made from synthetic materials. They are similar to polyester pillows and are also just as affordable. It is because of this that they are one of the most popular pillows in the UK today. Luxura's HollowFibre pillows is one of the company's best sellers and is composed of 75% polyester / 25% cotton filling with a 100% polyester cover. Here are some of the benefits of buying this type of pillow.


HollowFibre pillows are very affordable. LuxuraUk sells a pair for £3.99. This type of pricing is very attractive not only for the budget conscious but also for the hospitality industry which purchases pillows in bulk.


This type of pillow is very versatile and is ideal for many different kinds of sleepers. HollowFibre pillows can be used for neck, back and leg support. Simply use it as a regular pillow if you need upper spine and neck support. You can use it on your back to help ease lower back pain or use it behind your knees. It can also be used as a support pillow when breast feeding. Simply place it under your baby for easy feeding time.

People who sleep on their back, stomach or side will love this pillow because it can give enough support without it being uncomfortable. It is soft enough for stomach sleepers but firm enough so that side sleepers can still get enough support on their necks and upper backs.

Easy Maintenance

Like polyester pillows, hollowfibre pillows are easy to maintain. In most cases, they just need to be thrown into the wash and dried and they are once again good to go. Unlike feather pillows, hollowfibre pillows don’t heed frequent fluffing in order to regain its fluffiness.

Easy To Carry

Hotel staff loves this kind of pillow because it is lightweight so it is not hard to carry 5-6 pillows all at once. Since it is easy to carry multiple pillows at once, this will save staff time when they need to move lots of pillows.

Fire Retardant

Make sure that the pillows you purchase are fire retardant. This means that the filling inside the pillow has been treated so that it does not ignite or spread fire quickly. This can be a critical feature at home or in a hotel where lives are always at stake. Luxura's hollowfibre pillows meet UK fire safety standards.

Easy To Change

The National Sleep Organization recommends that we change pillows every 3 years. This is to ensure that mould, bacteria, mildew, allergens and viruses do not fester in our pillows. Hollowfibre pillows are affordable so it is easier on your wallet when time comes for a change in pillows.