Benefits of Duck Feather Cushion Pads June 21, 2016 16:10

Cushion pads are handy inventions. They are usually square pillows that are placed on the seat of a chair for added comfort and softness. Many people like to use cushion pads to make hard or overly firm chairs more comfortable. It is also cheaper to buy a cushion than replace the whole chair if it gets too uncomfortable. Cushion pads are easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re looking for ways to make your old chair comfortable, try duck feather cushion pads. Here are reasons why you should choose this product.

Added Softness

Duck feathers have been used as pillow and duvet fillings for many years. They are comfortable and durable. Many users like duck feather cushion pads compared to polyester or cotton-filled pads because it is softer and more comfortable to use. Unlike cotton and polyester filled pillows, duck feathers do not clump together or harden so they remain soft longer. Just remember to frump them up so that the feathers retain their softness.


Some feather pillows last up to a few decades if you take care of them properly. This is because duck feathers are naturally durable. Duck feather cushion pads like those purchased from Luxura UK are made from 100% duck feathers and will last many years with proper care.

More Support

Duck feather cushion pads are mainly used for added support to the rear and lumbar area when sitting down. This type of support is better compared to other types of fill because feathers can be fluffed back to regain their old fluffiness and shape. This is very important for people who spend lots of time on their chairs.


Because it is made from natural materials, duck feather cushion pads are very breathable. This is another factor for people who are looking for ways to be more comfortable on their chairs. When you sit down for longer periods of time, your rear can get very hot on the seat because the area lacks proper air circulation. With duck feathers, air can still pass in between areas so your rear end won’t feel too hot while sitting down.


Since they are durable, you will end up spending less money over time. If you compare this to buying polyester cushions which are cheaper initially, you can still save money because your goose feather cushion pads will last years instead of the 2 year lifespan of the polyester filled ones.

Allergy Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, duck feather cushion pads are allergy friendly. Allergic reaction is usually caused by dust mite droppings and not the feathers itself. Keep your cushions dust free by washing and caring for them regularly to avoid contamination of dust mites.

Enjoy comfort, support and durability when you buy a goose feather cushion pad from Extend the lifespan of your cushion pad by using covers, protectors and by following care instructions.