Benefits of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Topper King June 21, 2016 14:19

There comes a time when your old mattress just won’t do. Perhaps it has become too firm or lumpy. While experts recommend changing mattresses every 10 years to help control allergies and get rid of bed bugs, there are times when finances won’t allow you to do so. If you find yourself in this situation, consider buying a mattress topper instead. If you own a king sized bed, you should think about getting a memory foam mattress topper king sized. Here are reasons why.

Space Technology

Memory foam is a type of foam developed by NASA for their astronauts. It is very durable and comfortable at the same time. It is ideal for sleeping because while it is firm to the touch, it is soft and energy absorbent. It is made to distribute your weight evenly while molding itself to your body shape so that it can cradle your foam efficiently for maximum comfort. Once you get up and pressure is gone, it will bounce back to its original shape.

Temperature Controlled

According to WebMD, body temperature can affect how well you sleep. Memory foam mattress topper king sized as well as other sizes and thickness are constructed to be heat sensitive. This means that the foam get softer for a more comfortable sleep. The foam can also retain heat perfect to keep you warm during cold weather. Reversely if you're body temp is high, you can buy mattress toppers that have cooling features.

Heal Injury

Injured areas on the body are warmer compared to the rest. People with sports injuries or joint pain can benefit greatly from buying a memory mattress foam topper. It helps relieve soreness, body pain and aches to help recover more quickly. This is due to the foam's ability to displace pressure while absorbing your weight. Memory foam detects injury and soreness through heat and then adjusts itself to mould to your body reducing pressure to painful areas.


According to the experts, people with dust allergies can benefit greatly from using a memory foam mattress topper king because the foam naturally repels dust mites. These critters feed on dead skin cells we shed while sleeping. It is their droppings that cause allergic reactions to sufferers. However, memory foam is naturally dust mite repellent. The foam's polyurethane makeup prevents dust mites from festering saving you from sneezing, wheezing and red itchy eyes.

Restful Sleep

The memory foam mattress topper king size is the ideal sleeping space for couples. This isn’t because of its size but because of the memory foam's ability to absorb energy. If you have a partner who constantly moves around while asleep, this mattress will make it easy for the bedmate because they can be assured of a good night's sleep since disturbances will be kept at the minimum.

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