Why You Need a Microfibre Pillow May 28, 2016 18:11

Microfibre pillows are very soft and durable pillows. While they are not really new to the market, many people are switching to these kinds of pillow. People who are still using their old pillows are wondering what the fuss is all about. If you're still on the fence, this article will try to convince you to try and switch to microfibre pillows. Here are reasons why you need to switch.


Microfibre pillows are made of fiber like nylon and polyester. In some cases, these fabrics are so thin and tightly woven together they repel dust mites. This is good news top people who have dust mite allergies because use of this kind of pillow can help minimize allergy symptoms.


Microfibre pillows are very durable. There are pillows with fibers thinner than human hair which makes them strong and durable. With proper care, microfibre pillows can last up to 10 years.

Easy Care

Unlike other types of natural-fill pillows, microfibre ones are very easy to care for. You can load them in the washing machine for washing and they dry very quickly too. Unlike cotton and polyester, microfibre is very thin so it does not clump together when wet. Once dry you can frump the pillow back in shape and it is good as new.

More Affordable

Once you get used to using a microfibre pillow you don’t want to use any other kind. It is as soft as down and as cool as silk pillows but without the expense. Microfibre is more affordable and just as comfortable as cotton and down pillows. While they are more expensive than polyester, microfibre pillows feel like you’re using clouds for pillows since they are also very breathable.

Dry and Comfortable

The fibers used to make a microfibre pillow are very fine and microscopic. They form microfibre clusters which make the pillow more comfortable and will not trap perspiration and moisture. This pillow is a good option when you’re sleeping in humid areas or in the tropics.


Unlike other filling materials, microfibre is very light and cool. It provides comfortable insulation but with a weightless feeling. If you've used wool pillows before you will notice that they get hot when the weather is warm. But with microfibre pillows, you stay cool since they feel light to the touch even when it’s hot.

Down Alternative

Microfibre pillows are also good alternative to down pillows. They can provide the same comfort and insulation but without the expense or complicated maintenance of down pillows.


Microfibre pillows also have antimicrobial properties making them ideal for people with acne. The tightly woven fabric of the pillow naturally repels water and moisture discouraging the growth of bacteria.

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