Quilted Memory Foam Pillows VS Buckwheat Pillows June 21, 2016 16:36

Just like other natural fill pillows, buckwheat pillows have been around for a long time. Many people like the comfort of buckwheat pillows because it can shape itself to your head's contours and provides great support to the user. However, new technology pillows like the quilted memory foam pillows are giving it a run for their money. In fact, most pillows sold in the UK are either made from polyester or memory foam. But if both pillows provide great head and neck support, which one should you opt to buy if confronted with these choices? Let's find out.

Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows are very affordable. They are also environment friendly because they are made from natural materials. Like most materials made from nature, they are breathable so you won’t feel hot and sweaty against the pillow during hot or warm days. You can also adjust the number of buckwheat inside by adding or removing hulls for just the right loft. Buckwheat pillows also provide above average support for users because they don’t flatten out during the night. It can also conform to the contours of the neck for even weight distribution. This pillow is ideal for back sleepers.


This pillow is not on the huggable side. Many users will complain because they can be noisy when you shift around. Some people also find it inconvenient to have to adjust the number of buckwheat inside the pillows to find just the right support you need.

Buckwheat pillows also tend to be heavier and the filling can shift to one side if you don’t frump them correctly. Bottom line: if you're not prepared to experiment with the right number of hulls, buckwheat pillows can be too firm which can lead to your discomfort while sleeping. Buckwheat pillows have lost their popularity due to new technology so not many retailers carry them.

Quilted Memory Foam Pillows

There is no guess work involved when you use a quilted memory foam pillow. Made with polyurethane foam, the pillow automatically adjusts to your needs as your head sinks into the pillow. If you have neck pain, the pillow's heat sensitive feature kicks in and adjusts itself so that your neck is contoured and properly supported as you sleep. The quilts add luxury and comfort to the user while giving the pillow more fabric strength. The memory foam material is also very popular so you have lots of access not only to pillows but different products as well to increase your sleeping comfort.


Depending on the manufacturer, quilted memory foam pillows tend to be on the more expensive side of the scale. They are also hard to keep clean and maintain. Manufacturers advice against the washing or soaking of pillows so users will have to purchase additional protectors and pillow guards to keep their quilted memory foam pillows clean and stain-free. Some users also complain that their quilted memory foam pillows give off a smell called off gassing which can be a letdown for the first few weeks of use.

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Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double June 21, 2016 16:33

Memory foam mattress is everywhere. There are beds, pillows, slippers, bras, dog beds and memory foam mattress toppers in different sizes. Memory foam mattress toppers are different from conventional toppers because they are made from polyurethane cells with added chemicals which can increase its density. These cells also make the mattress heat sensitive which enables it to compress and mould itself to the user's body shape and weight. This means that protruding or heavy body parts like hips or buttocks sink more deeply into the mattress relieving pressure and distributing weight more evenly along the mattress topper.

If you're thinking of getting a memory foam mattress topper in the double size, you need to know its pros and cons.


Unlike spring mattress toppers, memory foam mattress topper double has no springs or coils so there is no squeaking. It also won’t sag as it gets older. Sleeping with a tosser is also easier with a memory foam mattress topper double because it absorbs energy so you won’t be affected by their movements. The memory foam mattress topper double is ideal for people who suffer from joint pain and have injuries to their bodies because it can distribute weight and mould itself to the body shape eliminating pressure points. It is also long lasting and requires almost no maintenance.


The polyurethane material is space age as it was developed by NASA. However, it can still result in a sweaty sleep during warm or hot weather because memory foam mattress toppers retain heat. Toppers are smaller and lighter than mattresses but they can still be heavy and hard to flip or turn over. The polyurethane material can also give off a smell especially if it is still new. Parents are also not advised to use memory foam mattress toppers for their babies because the heat sensitive foam can trap carbon dioxide causing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Lastly, memory foam mattress toppers are more expensive compared to conventional toppers.


If you don’t mind the disadvantages, then make your new topper a memory foam mattress topper double. It can help you get better rest and sleep by moulding itself to your weight and shape. It is very ideal for people with injuries. Painful and sore areas in the body have slightly higher temperature. The heat sensitive foam can sense this temperature differences so injured or painful areas will sink lower into the mattress to help relieve pain and pressure. Therefore it is a good choice for people with joint pain or athletes who frequently experience injuries.

Since memory foam mattress topper double is more expensive, try to shop around to find the best deal. Check Luxura UK's memory foam mattress toppers that come in different sizes. They are made from quality materials so you will have a better sleeping experience.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double VS Latex Mattress Topper June 21, 2016 16:30

Memory foam pillows and mattress toppers are gaining popularity over old school types of cushions such as latex and box spring. This is because memory foam mattress toppers are easy to transport, very comfortable and are ideal to use for people with joint pain and body injuries. But this does not mean to say that latex foam toppers do not have fans. Many people still like this type of mattress topper because it is affordable and maintenance free. In the battle of mattress toppers, which should you choose?

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double


Memory foam mattress topper double sized is ideal for people with injuries. When you get hurt or have joint pain, that area of your body is hotter and memory foam mattress toppers have material that can get softer when in contact with warmer areas. This means better support for people with joint pain and injures. Memory foam mattress topper double is also ideal to use if you have guests. Instead of having them sleep in your sofa or on the floor, they can enjoy a more comfortable sleep. This is also easy to transport so you can bring your memory foam mattress topper double size with you during camping trips. Memory foam mattress do not have do not have coiled springs so you won’t be able to feel your bedmate's turning and tosses while sleeping.


Memory foam mattress topper in double can be very hard to clean. In fact, experts do not recommend washing your mattress topper. All you can do to keep it clean is to use a topper protector or guard to shield against stains and dust. Memory foam mattress toppers are also made from space age materials so it is more expensive compared to latex foam toppers. Memory foam is not breathable so it can feel hot during warm weather. New memory foam mattress toppers can also give off a bad smell called "off gassing" which can be problematic.

Latex Foam Toppers


Latex foam toppers are a very popular choice for refreshing old or lumpy mattresses because they are very affordable. Latex is also very durable so it can last for many years. For people with allergies, make sure to buy foam toppers made from natural latex because it can naturally repel dust mites and help minimize allergic reactions.


Like memory foam mattress topper double, latex toppers can be hard to clean. The best you can do is to buy mattress covers and guards to keep dust and moisture away. In some cases, latex mattress toppers can be too firm which can create discomfort especially to those experiencing joint paints or injuries. It is also hard to bring this along during camping trips because latex toppers are still heavy and hard to transport.


Check out Luxura's memory foam mattress topper double size for a more comfortable night's rest. It is affordable and easy to use.

How To Use Pillow Duo June 21, 2016 16:27

Humans sleep in a variety of positions so there is technically no "right way" to sleep. This is where pillows come in. How you use your pillows can increase your comfort dramatically. Pillows such as's Pillow Duo can provide the support and comfort you need while sleeping. Using it in the right place is also another factor to consider for overall comfort and rest. Here are some tips on how to use your Pillow Duo and where to position them for maximum support and comfort.

Back Sleepers

This is the most common position for falling asleep and the position for snoring. If you find yourself snoring while on your back, you can use your pillows to help your bedmate sleep peacefully. Place one of your pillows behind your knees. This will alleviate pressure on your lower back while keeping your spine aligned in its natural shape. Another pillow should be place on your head to provide support to the upper spine and neck. The pillow should not be propping you up. Its job is to cradle your neck so that it can rest naturally without stress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will need 2 to 3 pillows depending on their needs so get ready to use at least one set of Pillow Duos. This is also the common shifting position as you sleep. Snorers like this position because shifting on their sides causes them to stop quiet down. This is also the best position for your spine. For added comfort to your hips and lower back, place a pillow between your knees. You should also use at least 1 pillow on your head to help alleviate pressure from your neck and support your shoulders as you sleep. If you find that 1 pillow does not relieve the pressure on your neck, add another one. Good indicators of inadequate neck support are stiff necks, back pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

Stomach Sleepers

This is perhaps the worst position of all but many find themselves in this sleeping position even if they don’t mean to. Sleeping on your stomach is bad for the neck and spine because they are twisted in an unnatural angle. To reduce back and neck pain, put a pillow under your hips or stomach. This will help alleviate pressure in your neck and lower back. Sleeping on your back negates the use of a head pillow but if you prefer to use one, make sure that it is positioned to support your head at a downward angle. If still have an extra pillow, put it under the ankles for extra spine support.

Experiment with different types of pillow fillings. Some of the best fillings are made from goose feather and super bounce polyester such as those sold by Luxura UK. Minimize the number of pillows on your bed to make sure that you don’t accidentally sleep on them and increase discomfort.

How Many Pillows Do You Need? June 21, 2016 16:23

Pillow number is a personal choice. Some people sleep with only one pillow while others prefer at least two. Still there are others that use different shaped pillows to address pain and comfort issues they may have. So, how many pillows do you really need in order to sleep comfortably? Let's ask science.

The right number of pillows can greatly increase your sleeping comfort. Pillows serve an important function because they can help align the spine and support the neck while sleeping. The right number of pillows can help prevent back, neck and upper spine pain.

Pillows are designed to support the upper body and keep it aligned to help relieve pressure while sleeping. Pillows, like Luxura UK's Pillow Duo should adjust to the user's unique shape and sleeping position to help alleviate any pain from joints and other pressure points.

If you notice, the human neck curves slightly forward in order to support the head when a person is upright. This natural position should be supported even while you are sleeping. While our research shows that it is better to personally experiment on the number of pillows one needs, it is still best to opt for the Pillow Duo since you are getting 2 pillows already and it will be easier to experiment if you need 1 or 2 pillows.

For those suffering from neck or spine discomfort, start out with one pillow. If you find that one pillow can adequately support and cradle your upper spine and neck after a few uses then try out how you feel with two pillows. It is best to evaluate if your rest is adequate with the number of pillows you have. Pay special attention to how fast you are able to fall asleep and how you feel upon waking up. If you still feel any discomfort; try adding or losing a pillow.

If you find that the pillow is too high when sleeping on your back or side, this might be because your neck or head is bent at an unnatural angle. This can cause muscle aches and in some cases a narrowing of the air pipes which can result in obstructed sleeping and snoring which results in un-restful sleep. However, if the pillows are too low neck and spine muscles are inadequately supported resulting in the same thing.

Science recommends experimenting with different heights until you find a comfortable number. You can also change filling which can also affect the comfort levels of your neck and spine. Try Luxura's Pillow Duo which is goose feather and fibre filled. They have a soft to firm firmness rating that can give you the support you need especially if you sleep on your back and side.

The pillow is made from super bounce polyester which means you have comfort and easy maintenance. Simply fluff the pillow every morning and it will regain its shape and is ready for your use at night. The Pillow Duo is covered with 100% cambric fabric for breathability and comfort.

Duck Feather Cushion Pads VS. Polyester Cushion Pads June 21, 2016 16:21

Duck feather as a filling material for pads and cushions have been around for a long time. Polyester on the other hand is a relatively new entrant and is becoming a popular alternative for many different reasons. However, these two filling materials are both popular and people who are looking for the best type of cushion pads are asking: which is better, duck feather cushion pads or polyester cushion pads? Here are their pros and Cons

Duck Feather Cushion Pads


Duck feather cushion pads are very durable. They can last at least 10 years with proper care and maintenance. All you need to do is to fluff them daily and they will regain their natural shape and softness. They can also provide lasting softness and support for the user. Duck feather cushion pads are ideal for people who spend lots of time sitting because they are breathable.


They are more expensive compared to polyester cushions. Duck feather pillows also require more complicated washing methods. They also need to be completely dry before you can use them or take them inside or else risk the threat of mould. Some people have sensitivity towards duck feathers so they won’t be able to use this type of pillow without risking an allergy attack.

Polyester Cushion Pads


One of the reasons for its popularity is cost. Polyester pads are inexpensive and readily available in many department and bedding stores. They are also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to wash and dry them in the washing machine and they are ready to use. Many polyester pads are also hypoallergenic so they are safe to use for allergy sufferers.


One of the biggest downside to using polyester cushions are their very short lifespan. Polyester clumps together and hardens over time. This can cause poor support to the lower back and can even worsen lower back pain. Polyester also flattens which can become uncomfortable especially for those with lumbar pain. Polyester starts out soft as clouds but can end up hard as rocks after only a few years of use.


The right kind of cushion pad should reflect your needs. However, goose feather cushion pads are worth their weight because they last longer and provide more comfort over time compared to polyester pillows. The latter is definitely cheaper but it can also deteriorate pretty quickly.

Check out Luxura UK's duck feather cushion pads. They are perfect to use for chairs and sofas particularly if you need more comfort, softness and support. Priced at £2.49 they can last a long time and are made from 100% premium duck feathers.

Cotton Tea Towels VS Conventional Tea Towels June 21, 2016 16:17

Who needs to fuss with tea towels, right? Isn’t one tea towel the same as the others? If you're asking why we're fussing over tea towels, then there are a lot of things you should know about before buying one. Because tea towels are some of the most hard working kitchen and household tools, it pays to know more about them. Here's our showdown: cotton tea towels vs conventional tea towels.

Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton is one of the most important crops in the world today. It is used not only for clothing like shirts and socks, but in other products too like coffee filters, fishnets, archival paper and book binding. This is because cotton is highly absorbent. If you notice, cotton shirts make you feel cooler compared to wearing shirts made from other material. By drawing away sweat from your body, you feel cool faster. This absorbent property also comes in handy when you want to soak up water and other liquid from counter tops, stoves, tables and for drying dishes.
Cotton tea towels are also highly durable. This is because of its high tensile strength making it less prone to tears or rips. Because it is mainly used in the kitchen, cotton tea towels are less likely to retain odour once you wash it. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Cotton tea towels won’t stretch and pill so you can use it comfortably for longer.

Conventional Tea Towels

The typical tea towel is usually made of polyester materials. This is great because polyester is cheaper and more affordable than cotton. It is also easy to maintain.

Simply stick it in the wash and it will be clean when it comes out. Polyester tea towels are very popular so you can buy them in many stores. Like cotton, polyester tea towels are also very durable because they can stretch. One of the reasons why conventional tea towels made from polyester are affordable is because they are highly recyclable and best of all, the recycled polyester has the same quality as the original.

Polyester tea towels are easy to clean too but the material bonds quickly with oil based liquids. So if you want to use it to soak up spilled cooking oils, you will have a hard time getting the oil and the stain out of the tea towel. They are durable, but cotton is stronger and will last longer, meaning that your tea towel will wear down quickly and will need replacing often. Therefore, you will need to change your conventional tea towels to cotton ones if you want to experience value for money.

Check out Luxura UK's cotton tea towels. They come in a pack of 4 so you can really experience savings.

Benefits of Duck Feather Cushion Pads June 21, 2016 16:10

Cushion pads are handy inventions. They are usually square pillows that are placed on the seat of a chair for added comfort and softness. Many people like to use cushion pads to make hard or overly firm chairs more comfortable. It is also cheaper to buy a cushion than replace the whole chair if it gets too uncomfortable. Cushion pads are easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re looking for ways to make your old chair comfortable, try duck feather cushion pads. Here are reasons why you should choose this product.

Added Softness

Duck feathers have been used as pillow and duvet fillings for many years. They are comfortable and durable. Many users like duck feather cushion pads compared to polyester or cotton-filled pads because it is softer and more comfortable to use. Unlike cotton and polyester filled pillows, duck feathers do not clump together or harden so they remain soft longer. Just remember to frump them up so that the feathers retain their softness.


Some feather pillows last up to a few decades if you take care of them properly. This is because duck feathers are naturally durable. Duck feather cushion pads like those purchased from Luxura UK are made from 100% duck feathers and will last many years with proper care.

More Support

Duck feather cushion pads are mainly used for added support to the rear and lumbar area when sitting down. This type of support is better compared to other types of fill because feathers can be fluffed back to regain their old fluffiness and shape. This is very important for people who spend lots of time on their chairs.


Because it is made from natural materials, duck feather cushion pads are very breathable. This is another factor for people who are looking for ways to be more comfortable on their chairs. When you sit down for longer periods of time, your rear can get very hot on the seat because the area lacks proper air circulation. With duck feathers, air can still pass in between areas so your rear end won’t feel too hot while sitting down.


Since they are durable, you will end up spending less money over time. If you compare this to buying polyester cushions which are cheaper initially, you can still save money because your goose feather cushion pads will last years instead of the 2 year lifespan of the polyester filled ones.

Allergy Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, duck feather cushion pads are allergy friendly. Allergic reaction is usually caused by dust mite droppings and not the feathers itself. Keep your cushions dust free by washing and caring for them regularly to avoid contamination of dust mites.

Enjoy comfort, support and durability when you buy a goose feather cushion pad from Extend the lifespan of your cushion pad by using covers, protectors and by following care instructions.

Advantages of Cotton Tea Towels June 21, 2016 16:02

Cotton is called the fabric of life. This is because it has many uses aside from being made into clothing. They are used in the manufacture of plastics, food and paper products. This highly versatile fabric has also made its way to the kitchen via the cotton tea towel. If you’re still using a different fabric for your tea towel, think again. Here are the 5 advantages of using cotton tea towels.

Environment Friendly

Global warming is a real threat and using cotton tea towels is a good way to help solve this crisis. Cotton is not only environment friendly; it is also biodegradable and is a renewable resource. If you’re concerned about dishonest cotton farmers, check out Luxura UK's cotton tea towels which are made from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric. This means that the fabric is tested for harmful chemicals and materials from the raw product to the last stage of production.


With cost of living rising in the UK, nobody really wants to spend money on kitchen implements that fall apart quickly. Kitchens are some of the messiest and hottest areas of the house. It is usually a room full of activity which is why you need cotton tea towels because they are highly durable. Unlike other products, cotton has high tensile strength which makes the less vulnerable to tears and rips. They are ideal not only for drying dishes but for cleaning appliances and furniture and for mopping up liquids too.


Speaking of mopping up liquids, cotton tea towels are highly absorbent. According to the International Forum for Cotton Promotion, cotton fibers can absorb 1/5 of its weight in water before feeling damp. This means less wringing when you’re trying to absorb water or drying dishes, making it an efficient kitchen tool.


Allergy sufferers do not only need cotton clothing to protect against dust mites, the source of allergens but also cotton tea towels. It makes sense to neutralize the home against dust mites, so allergy sufferers should not only switch to cotton clothing but cotton tea towels as well since it is naturally dust mite resistant. This means that there will be fewer areas for dust mites to breed in your home, helping minimize allergy symptoms.


It can be hard and tiring to work with a stiff brush or an old rag. Cotton tea towels on the other hand are softer and will make cleaning more comfortable. You still need to clean, but at least your hands won’t feel sore from all the wringing and feel chapped because of the rough fibers of other cleaning fabric. Cotton tea towels are always soft so you will be more comfortable when cleaning.


Because they are more durable, you will end up using less cotton tea towels compared to polyester tea towels or rags. Luxura UK's cotton tea towels retail at £3.99 for a pack of 4 giving you better value.

Cotton tea towels are also very easy to launder. Simply stick it in your washing machine or give it a good scrubbing and it will be as good as new.

Advantage of Using A Quilted Memory Foam Pillow June 21, 2016 15:52

As more and more people spend more time in front of their desks hunched in front of a computer or doing strenuous work, the demand for a natural pain relief is also increasing. When you return home from work, the last thing you want to sleep on is a lumpy bed and a soft or firm pillow. How can you perform at your optimum when you can’t get a decent night's sleep?

If you’re one of those people suffering from neck pain and want some relief, switch your normal pillow to a quilted memory foam pillow. Here's why.


Aside from the polyurethane material that comprises the pillow, quilted memory foam pillow users have the benefit of added comfort through the quilt itself. Lined with the best filling materials, the quilts will provide extra comfort to people who want the extra softness. The diamond shape pattern is not only decorative but functional as well since it holds filling while providing strength to the fabric so it does not suffer wear and tear easily.


Memory foam was invented by NASA for their pilots to give them support during flights. The bedding industry borrowed this technology and uses it to provide users with support while sleeping. Support is needed by people who suffer from neck, shoulder or upper spine pain when sleeping. By using quilted memory foam pillows, their neck or spine weight is distributed evenly allowing painful areas to settle deeply into the foam and relieving pain.

Retains Shape

When you use cotton or polyester filled pillows it will flatten and harden over time no matter how much you fluff it. Support and comfort will also become inadequate over time. But not your quilted memory foam pillow. It is designed to bounce back to its original shape after you’re done using it, so when you lay down again at night, you will experience the same comfort the day you brought it home.

Multi Function

The quilted memory foam pillow is not only ideal to use for your head. You can also use it to alleviate lower back pain by placing the pillows on your lower back or behind your knees. It can also be used as a breastfeeding aid by placing it underneath the arms while feeding baby. Pregnant women can put it between their knees or underneath their stomach when lying down on their side for better support while sleeping.

Ordinary pillows will always struggle to meet your needs as you sleep because they tend to lie flat or become hard the more you use them. This will cause pressure on your neck or upper spine to increase which will ultimately lead to pain and soreness around these areas. If you feel that you are getting inadequate support, try Luxura UK's quilted memory foam pillows. It won’t interfere with your sleep and provide you with deeper and more satisfying rest.

Who Can Benefit From Buying Wholesale Bedding? June 21, 2016 15:49

Did you know that you can benefit greatly from buying wholesale beddings? Buying in bulk can help you be consistent when it comes to size and color for example. It can also help you save more money and the time it takes to purchase items individually. Many people think that wholesale bedding is just for people selling beddings but they are wrong. If run this kind or belong to this kind of business, then you need to think about buying your beddings wholesale.

Residential Homes

Residential homes or hospices have patients or residents that need constant bedding change. Buying beddings wholesale is not only practical but can save them lots of money. It can also help them stay consistent with their sizing and colors. Buying the same kinds of beddings can also help them color coordinate or assign colors more easily to patients with special needs.


Students who stay in university hall residences are required to provide for their own beddings. However, universities and schools that lease dormitories during summer breaks need to provide suitable beddings for their guests. When students return at the start of term, the extra beddings can be sold or donated to needy students. It’s a win-win situation for the university.


Hotels have a fast turnaround time when it comes to their guests. It is also important for hotels especially chains to stay consistent when it comes to the décor, atmosphere and beddings. This is where bulk beddings come in. Buying wholesale bedding can keep your business consistent while providing all the clean bedding required by the establishment.


Another industry that needs lots of clean beddings are hospitals. Just like hotels, hospitals see a lot of human traffic. People are constantly being admitted and discharged. Soiled linens are also a constant problem. But when you have a constant supply of clean linens, you don’t have to worry about running out of bed sheets and pillow cases. The need for clean bed linen can easily be solved when hospitals buy their beddings wholesale.

Health Clubs and Spas

It is expected that when you enter a spa or health club that clean towels and beddings are provided when you avail of their services. Just like hotels, this kind of establishment want to have consistency. This makes it easier for people to associate a certain color with their business. Aside from towels and dressing gowns, health clubs and spas need clean beddings for massages, different kinds of therapy and treatments. Ordering beddings in bulk helps with consistency while keeping the overhead low.

All of us like to sleep and sleeping on clean beddings is one of the best feelings in the world. That being said, businessmen can provide their clients the best comfort available without compromising consistency and cost when they buy wholesale beddings from

V-Shaped Support Pillow VS Regular Pillow June 21, 2016 15:46

V shaped support pillow sometimes referred to as a u pillow, banana pillow or boomerang pillow is becoming a popular choice among pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with back pain and neck pain. But what makes it so popular? Why are so many people switching to this type of pillow? How does it compare to a regular pillow? Let's find out.


Support matters where you need it. This is why pillows come in different shapes, sizes and firmness. Regular pillows are best for people who need support on their heads. This type of pillow is usually enough to support their head so that they remain comfortable the whole night. V-shapes support pillows are best for people looking for lower back support. It is used best when sitting down or reading on the bed. Prop it on the headboard and lean into it to help support your back and lower back properly. While regular pillows can do this, it usually takes a lot of pillows and lots of adjusting to get the shape right. With a v shaped pillow you’re all set once you prop it up.


V shaped support pillows are also great when you need to keep yourself elevated while sleeping. Use it over your regular shaped pillows and your head and neck will feel perfectly cradled but without your chin touching your neck which usually happens when you want elevation with a regular pillow. This is because you need lots of pillows to keep you upright and elevated. The evenness of the pillow and the height usually causes our chin to touch the neck which can be uncomfortable especially if your nose or chest is congested. The v shaped pillow on the other hand ends support right behind your neck keeping your chin where it should be.

Rolling Over

We all move while we sleep but there are times when it is best when we don’t. Using a regular pillow won’t prevent you from rolling over or turning to your side. The sides of a v shaped support pillow however will keep you from rolling over. It can help provide neck and spine support better compared to regular pillows so you won't get hurt rolling over especially if it is prohibited.

Back Pain

The v shaped pillow is usually used by people who want to relieve back pain while sitting down or lying in bed. This is because the upper portion of the v provides neck support while the sides cradle the back perfectly keeping the spine aligned thereby alleviating pain.

Regular pillows can also help with back pain; however they are more suited for lower back pain. Prop them behind your rear for extra support. They can also be used under the knees to gently raise your buttocks up and relieve pain.
Regular pillows are best for snuggling with and for lower back pain. If you need support for your neck and back or need elevation, try using Luxura UK's v shaped support pillows.

Reasons To Buy Wholesale Bedding June 21, 2016 15:42

Industries like hotels, hospitals and spas benefit greatly by buying wholesale bedding. First of all buying in bulk is an easy way for them to stay consistent when it comes to size and color. It can also help keep costs down since prices are usually cheaper when buying in bulk. Wholesale bedding can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from a reliable distributor. They can also be purchased from online stores such as

Here are reasons why you need to consider buying wholesale beddings.


Wholesale is also synonymous to bulk. If you need a big quantity of beddings, it’s best to buy them wholesale. Hospitals and hotels for example need a large number of beddings because they see a lot of human traffic. Aside from this, there is always a big demand for clean linens because there will always be spoilage and accidents in these types of industry. Buying beddings in bulk can help ensure that you always have clean beddings on hand.


Most of the time, buying in bulk means that you purchase direct from the manufacturer. In cases like this, there is no middleman so it is much cheaper than buying it from the department store. The manufacturer also has the option of shipping you the beddings directly so you can save more. Distributors are also a good choice for wholesale bedding supplies. This option is ideal for businesses that need a lot of beddings but not as much as the requirement manufacturers usually require when buying from them.


Keeping your overhead low means more profit for the business. Since wholesale beddings from distributors and manufacturers are cheaper compared to buying from department stores, businesses can save on overhead. Industries like hotels and hospitals also need to purchase new ones regularly and buying wholesale can keep their overhead low consistently.


Some people equate quantity with poor quality. This is not always the case. Wholesale quality beddings can be bought from reputable distributors such as Luxura UK. To be ensured of quality, you can check out the finished product before purchasing. Many distributors and manufacturers are happy to provide their clients samples of their products.


When you are dealing in an industry that needs consistency, wholesale beddings can solve this problem. Hospitals and hotels for example, need sizes and colors of a certain bed sheet or pillow case. Consistency can help clients retain their brand so buying wholesale beddings can ensure these businesses that the color and size of their desired bedding is always available even if they go nationwide or worldwide in their operations.

By purchasing wholesale beddings, businesses can keep their overhead low without compromising their consistency. Aside from this, they can offer competitive pricing for their services because they can keep their overhead low. Check out Luxura UK's wholesale bedding options to get great deals where it matters.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths: Lean Green Cleaning Machine June 21, 2016 15:38

Every day we are exposed to millions of chemicals in the air, the food we eat, the things we touch or the stuff we put on our face. Harmful chemicals can be found almost everywhere. It is no different when using cleaning products, which is ironic because we clean is supposed to save us from disease.

Most cleaning products are made with harmful chemicals, detergents, solvents, bleaches, parabens and fragrances. If you read the back label of a cleaning product you will normally see warnings because these chemicals can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and the usual "can be fatal if swallowed". These are not products we want to have around especially if we have kids. Aside from the danger these products pose, they are also expensive and damaging to the environment.

Luckily, more and more people are becoming aware to the dangers of using cleaners and chemicals for cleaning. This is why the green trend is also making its way in the cleaning world and we can now say hello to the humble microfibre cleaning cloth, the lean green cleaning machine.

What is microfibre?

Microfibre just as its name suggest is a very small fiber around 1/100 the diameter of a human hair. The fibres are then bundled together and woven into a cloth. This is why microfibre cleaning cloths are great in picking up dirt and dust. The tiny hairs act like a tiny vacuum cleaner which attracts dirt and dust making cleaning easier.

In comparison, regular cleaning cloths can be made up of cotton, polyester and other materials. These fibers are usually thicker than microfibre which is why you need chemicals and cleaners to help you do the job. When using ordinary cloths, the dirt and dust are usually pushed around. If it isn't dissolved by the detergent or cleaner it is left behind. Microfibre picks up the dirt and dust without the help of detergents; and cleaners making it a clean and green alternative for cleaning.

Why Choose Microfibre?

Microfibre use for cleaning is gaining popularity. It has changed the way we clean our houses, cars, floors and even our bodies. Microfibre cleaning cloths also eliminates the use of expensive cleaners and detergents helping to save money and the environment. It is also better for your health since you won't be in contact with harmful chemicals usually found in cleaning agents.

Armed with your microfibre cleaning cloth and water you are now ready to tackle all the dirt and dust in your house, car or body. Aside from saving the environment you can also save time cleaning because microfibre is more efficient when it comes to picking up dirt compared to ordinary cleaning rags.

For best results, use dry for dusting and wet for cleaning. When using wet, wring out as much water as you can before using. This will help increase absorbency and efficiency of the cloth when picking up dirt. Check out Luxura UK's pack of 4 microfibre cleaning cloth for efficient and economical home cleaning.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth VS Regular Cleaning Cloths June 21, 2016 15:35

Cleaning can take up a lot of time especially if you’re dealing with a large area or if you don’t have the proper tools. When you’re cleaning around the house, the rag is usually one of the most often used cleaning implement. It can be used to mop up dirt, clean the counter, dry dishes or polish the silver. Over the years, the lowly rag has become more high tech. We now have what is called microfibre cleaning cloths. How different is it from regular cleaning rags?

Efficient Cleaning

When you clean dirt off a table, you need a few swipes to make sure that the area is clean. Wiping with a regular cleaning cloth uses lots of elbow grease because the fibers of the cloth cannot pick up the maximum amount of dirt in a single swipe. This use of elbow grease can end up making you feel tired more quickly.

Microfibre cleaning cloths on the other hand are more efficient when it comes to lifting up dirt from surfaces. This is because it is made up millions of tiny fibers so you don’t need as many swipes to ensure that the table or area is clean. Just think of the tiny fibres as nano vacuum cleaners that can "hoover up" dirt and dust quickly.

More Environment Friendly

When cleaning with an ordinary rag you will usually need detergent, hot water, Lysol and other cleaning agents to make the job easier for you. We all know that chemicals get flushed into our rivers and seas and can be damaging to the environment and sea life.

If you want to help save marine life and the environment and keep your house clean, use microfibre cleaning cloths. Water is called the universal solvent because it can dissolve lots of things including dirt and dust. Use it with your microfibre cleaning cloth and your all set. No need to use allergy causing and environment damaging cleaners and chemicals.


Regular cleaning cloths are usually cheaper compared to microfibre cleaning cloths and are usually made from polyester. However, when it is used for cleaning you need to buy other implements like chemicals, detergents and the like to make it easier for you to clean something. In the end, ordinary rags may not be an economical choice after all.

Microfibre cleaning cloths are usually more expensive compared to ordinary rags. At Luxura UK, a pack of 4 costs £3.99 and is made from 100% polyester. Using this cleaning cloth eliminates the need for expensive detergent and cleaners. All you need is water and you're ready to tackle the dirtiest mess at home.

Easy To Clean

Microfibre cleaning cloths are also easier to clean compared to ordinary cleaning cloths. With microfibre all you need to do is to soak it in water overnight and wring it out and dry in the morning and you’re good to go. There's no need to use detergent or to scrub it to get the dirt off which is what you'll end up doing if you use an ordinary rag.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Vs Spring Mattress Toppers June 21, 2016 15:27

Spring mattress toppers have been around for a long time. They are an inexpensive way to get a good night's rest and can last more than 10 years. Memory foam mattress toppers on the other hand are relatively new. They are more on the expensive side and with good care, can last as long as your spring mattress topper. But are these two types of mattresses really created equally? Let's find out.


Spring mattress toppers are called so because of the coiled springs that acts like shock absorbers to reduce the wear and tear on the mattress. Generally speaking, the fewer coils there are, the thicker the springs. Weak coils are usually between 1.63mm to 1.37mm in thickness give in easily to pressure while coils 1.94mm feel firmer. This is good news for people who like firm mattresses and bad news for those who like soft ones since weaker springs usually don’t last long.
Memory foam mattress topper king size feel firm to the touch but can actually mould itself to your body shape. Sleeping on this kind of mattress should feel firm but it won't compromise your back, joints or hips. This is because memory foam mattress reacts to body heat making it softer so it will feel softer as your weight gets absorbed into the foam.

Temperature Sensitive

Memory foam mattress toppers are heat sensitive. This type of foam was developed by NASA for their pilots. The foam reacts to body heat and will get softer to provide more comfort to the user. This is good news for people with injuries since these spots are usually warmer compared to the body. The foam will help dissipate pressure relieving you from aches and pains and helping you recover more quickly.
Spring mattress toppers have coils that push back equal pressure. This means that there will be areas that are not as well supported as the rest since it relies solely on your weight. This means it can be hard to find a good sleeping position if you’re injured.


Spring mattress toppers need to be rotated on each side so that wear and tear is distributed evenly. Folding or bending the mattress is also not advised.
No need to rotate your memory foam mattress topper king. You can also bend or fold it since it will bounce back to its natural shape once pressure is relieved.

To summarize:

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

• Easy to maintain
• Ideal for injuries
• Stays firm with no spring poking out after years of use


• Expensive compared to spring toppers
• Poor quality foam mattress toppers can give off foul smell
Spring Mattress Toppers


• Very Affordable
• Durable


• No back support
• Loss off support after 2 years
• Does not distribute body weight efficiently


Spring mattress toppers should have been discontinued in the 80's. However, it looks like they’re here to stay because of their affordable price. If you want better support and a good night's sleep it's better to buy a memory foam mattress topper king size. They are more comfortable and ideal if you experience body aches, back pain or injury. Check out's memory foam mattress topper now.

Goose Feather and Down Duvet VS Wool Duvet June 21, 2016 15:22

When it comes to duvets nothing is more comfortable than snuggling in a goose feather and down duvet or a woolen duvet. Other natural duvets such as alpaca wool and silk are also available but the two aforementioned are perhaps the most popular choices. If you’re in the market for a new duvet, you need to find the best one suited for your needs. Here's how to choose between a goose feather and down duvet and a woolen one.


You have to think about your usually room temperature when choosing between these two duvets. If you like to sleep in cold temperature, buy a woolen duvet. Wool is really good in retaining body heat. It will keep you warm even if your room is really cold. It will feel heavy and hot during summer months though so you still need to put the A/C on during summer months to use this duvet.

Goose feather and down duvet on the other hand is ideal for people who like to sleep in cool rooms. It can keep you warm and is breathable so you won't feel hot and sticky if you use it during warmer months.


Although both types of duvets are very comfortable, they still differ in the kind of comfort they offer. If you like cloud like sleeping environment, then the feather duvets is your best choice. They are very soft and feel very luxurious. Best of all it feels very lightweight.

Wool duvets are also luxurious and comfortable but they have a "blanket feel" to them compared to down duvets. This is very ideal if you like to feel cocooned around your duvet. Wool is also heavier compared to down and slightly dense.


For both wool and down duvets, it is best to follow instructions on the care label if you want to wash your duvets. Goose feather and down duvets are better off dry cleaned by the professionals. However you can still launder them at home every couple of years using mild detergent and the lowest setting on the dryer. Wool duvets can be machine washed but it’s best to air dry them instead of sticking them in the dryer.

Both types of fabric need to be totally dry before they are used or stored to discourage mould and mildew.


Between the two, wool duvets are generally more expensive. In most stores, woolen ones can start at around £80. Goose feather and down duvets on the other hand can start at around £19.99 at Luxura UK. Wool is a good investment since it can last a long time if you take care of it properly. However, down duvets are an economical alternative that provides luxury and comfort at the same time.

Goose Feather and Down Duvet VS Synthetic Duvet June 21, 2016 14:24

Goose feather and down duvets are made from goose feathers and are some of the most comfortable duvets available on the planet. They are very handy to have around on a cold winter night since the goose and down feathers provide good insulation against the cold. While they are on the expensive side, they are durable and can last many years. Synthetic duvets on the other hand are usually made from manmade materials. They are also usually cheaper and are readily available in many department stores.

Aside from price points and comfort, goose feather and down duvets differ greatly from synthetic duvets. Let’s find out just how different these two types of duvets are.


No man made material can compete against goose feather and down when it comes to the warmth they provide. This type of comforter is made from natural goose feathers and is very good in providing insulation. Goose feather and down duvets are able to provide warmth but without the heavy feeling. They are also breathable so you are able to stay warm without the sweaty feeling.

Synthetic duvets can also provide warmth and are cheaper. The problem with synthetic duvets is that they can be too warm since they need to be heavy to provide maximum heating. You can end up sweaty and hot when using synthetic duvets.


Synthetic duvets are best suited for people with allergies. If you have allergies make sure to find a duvet that is made from hypoallergenic materials. These will keep your allergy symptoms manageable. To make sure that they are always allergen free, wash them in 140°F (60°C) temperature to make sure that allergens are eliminated.

Goose feather and down duvets on the other hand can trigger feather allergy and can sometimes attract other allergens such as dust mites.

Washer and Dryer Friendly

If you want something easy to wash and dry, opt for a synthetic duvet. But if you don’t mind the extra care it takes to wash your goose feather and down duvet then you can take it to a professional dry cleaner to have it cleaned. You can also do this yourself by using a very mild detergent. After washing, put it in the dryer and use the coolest setting. Remove it occasionally and fluff it to help the feathers retain its original loft. Make sure it is completely dry before using or storing since mould and mildew can fester in damp down comforters.


Synthetic duvets are usually cheaper because they are made from readily available manmade materials. Most factories mass produce them so the prices are usually within reach for many people.

Goose feather and down duvets are more expensive and price levels vary depending on the stuffing used. If you want feathers but want something more affordable, goose feather duvets are more affordable compared to pure down duvets. A combination of goose and down feathers is more economical. However, it can still be expensive especially if high-loft feathers are used.

For optimum comfort without breaking the bank, check out Luxura UK's goose feather and down duvet. It is composed of 85% goose feather and 15% down filling and starts at £19.99.

Benefits of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Topper King June 21, 2016 14:19

There comes a time when your old mattress just won’t do. Perhaps it has become too firm or lumpy. While experts recommend changing mattresses every 10 years to help control allergies and get rid of bed bugs, there are times when finances won’t allow you to do so. If you find yourself in this situation, consider buying a mattress topper instead. If you own a king sized bed, you should think about getting a memory foam mattress topper king sized. Here are reasons why.

Space Technology

Memory foam is a type of foam developed by NASA for their astronauts. It is very durable and comfortable at the same time. It is ideal for sleeping because while it is firm to the touch, it is soft and energy absorbent. It is made to distribute your weight evenly while molding itself to your body shape so that it can cradle your foam efficiently for maximum comfort. Once you get up and pressure is gone, it will bounce back to its original shape.

Temperature Controlled

According to WebMD, body temperature can affect how well you sleep. Memory foam mattress topper king sized as well as other sizes and thickness are constructed to be heat sensitive. This means that the foam get softer for a more comfortable sleep. The foam can also retain heat perfect to keep you warm during cold weather. Reversely if you're body temp is high, you can buy mattress toppers that have cooling features.

Heal Injury

Injured areas on the body are warmer compared to the rest. People with sports injuries or joint pain can benefit greatly from buying a memory mattress foam topper. It helps relieve soreness, body pain and aches to help recover more quickly. This is due to the foam's ability to displace pressure while absorbing your weight. Memory foam detects injury and soreness through heat and then adjusts itself to mould to your body reducing pressure to painful areas.


According to the experts, people with dust allergies can benefit greatly from using a memory foam mattress topper king because the foam naturally repels dust mites. These critters feed on dead skin cells we shed while sleeping. It is their droppings that cause allergic reactions to sufferers. However, memory foam is naturally dust mite repellent. The foam's polyurethane makeup prevents dust mites from festering saving you from sneezing, wheezing and red itchy eyes.

Restful Sleep

The memory foam mattress topper king size is the ideal sleeping space for couples. This isn’t because of its size but because of the memory foam's ability to absorb energy. If you have a partner who constantly moves around while asleep, this mattress will make it easy for the bedmate because they can be assured of a good night's sleep since disturbances will be kept at the minimum.

Check out Luxura UK's memory foam mattress topper in king size. It can help extend the life of your current mattress and is more convenient to transport compared to a full sized king mattress.

Benefits of a V-Shaped Support Pillow June 21, 2016 14:12

Many of us are not familiar with the v shaped support pillow. But luckily it is easy to spot because of its name. However, not many people know what it is for. V shaped support pillows provide special support to people who snore, sleep on their stomach or need elevation while sleeping. It can also provide relief from body aches and pains. Here are some of the benefits to expect when you use a v shaped support pillow.


A v shaped support pillow works best if used on top of a regular pillow. This can help provide elevation when needed. This is very helpful if you have injuries and need to keep your neck or head elevated. It can also help with congestion when you have cough or colds. People who suffer from COPD find that they can breathe easier while sleeping because their head is kept elevated by the v shaped pillow.

Alleviates Pain

The pillow can be used in different parts of the body. You can use it on a chair while sitting down to help with back pain. The pillow can help provide support to the lower back providing pain relief. Pregnant women can also use the pillow in between their knees while lying on their side to relieve pressure from this area. Using it behind the knee can also help with lumbar pain. For stiff neck, use it on top of a regular pillow to keep you head elevated and keep you from turning on your side.

Breastfeeding Pal

Your V shaped support pillow can also become your breastfeeding pal. You can use it two ways, the first to help you sit up better as you breastfeed your baby. Simply prop it up on the chair with the pillow facing upwards like an up arrow and you will have good back support while sitting. Next, can use it to support your arms while breastfeeding.
During pregnancy, this pillow can also be used in between the legs for added support.

Prevents Rolling Over

People who more around a lot while sleeping can try using this kind of pillow. The v-shape keeps the head elevated while the sides can prevent you from rolling over. This can be very beneficial to your bedmate who's probably tired of your tossing and turning.

Great For Reading

Because it keeps you elevated and prevents you from rolling over, many people like to use the v shaped support pillow for reading. It can be propped directly on the headboard or used on top of a regular pillow. The elevation will make it easy for you to read your book or watch TV while providing excellent support for your lower back.

V-shape support pillows come in many different fillings and covers. One of the best options can be found at and is priced at 100% hollowfibre polyester filling with a 75% polyester / 25% cotton cover.

Why You Need A Mattress Protector June 21, 2016 14:09

Humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping. This is why we need good mattresses so that our sleep is the most comfortable we can have. Since you sleep a lot of time in bed, choosing the right kind of mattress protector is important. Not only will it keep your mattress in pristine condition, it also keeps you in good health by protecting you against allergens and bacteria that might be living in your bedding. There are many kinds of mattress protectors in the market; the most common are quilted protectors and waterproof protectors.

Quilted Protectors

Quilted protectors have a quilted pattern which is filled with down, polyester or other filling materials. They come in different thickness, comfort, size and price. They are an ideal investment for your mattress because it provides and extra layer of protection between you and the mattress. This can prevent germs, sweat, saliva, dead skin cells and bacteria from seeping into your mattress.

Taking care of your quilted mattress protector is also easier compared to maintaining your mattress. Once you feel that the mattress is dirty you can slip it off and then run it through regular cycle in your washing machine. Mattress protectors are also easier to replace than a whole mattress if it gets too dirty.

Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is the same as the above stated product but with an added extra layer of protection to make it waterproof. In most products, there is an absorbent layer on top and a waterproof membrane barrier that helps prevent wetness from seeping into the mattress. If you spill something on the protector, it won't reach the mattress thanks to the waterproof backing. This product is ideal for babies, children or people prone to incontinence. The backing can also keep allergens and dust from reaching your mattress and keep it stain free. Luxura's quilted mattress protector for example, comes in different sizes and is non-allergenic making it a good choice for people with respiratory problems and allergies.

Try to find a waterproof mattress protector that encases the whole mattress so that it can protect the top as well as the sides from wetness, allergens and even bed bugs.

Most of these products come with a zipper so that it is easy to put on and remove the protector from the mattress. While most waterproof protectors protect from bed bugs from entering or exiting the encasement, it will not protect against dust and dust mites. This can be a problem for people who suffer from allergies so better check the packaging to make sure that the material is made from hypoallergenic material for more protection.

Tips For Choosing A Mattress Topper June 21, 2016 14:06

When your mattress is too firm of if it's too lumpy for your own taste you can "refresh" it by buying a mattress topper. As the name implies, it is a pad placed on top of your regular mattress to make it more comfortable. People who have bought mattress toppers before like it because it feels like you bought a new mattress. However, it should be said that a mattress topper will not help your sagging mattress. In this case, you need to buy a brand new mattress.

Many people like to buy mattress toppers because they are more convenient to transport and are more affordable. When finding the right mattress topper, you need to consider the following factors first.


Just like beds and mattresses, toppers come in different sizes such as single, double, queen and king size. Choosing the right size should be easy for you since you just need to get one the same size as your current mattress. However, if you’re using a topper as a guest futon or extra bed, you need to think of the people who will be using it and the storage space you can allot for it.


Mattress toppers differ in thickness too. They come in 2,3 or 4 inches. 2 inch thick toppers are ideal for lighter people since they don’t need lots of support. They are also usually the most affordable. 3 inch toppers are ideal for heavier people, while the 4 inch thick topper is best suited for people who are over 230 lbs.


Generally speaking, the more dense the better the support is for the user. Topper density refers to the weight of one cubic foot per topper. Denser mattress toppers are ideal for people with injuries since it will support the bone, muscle or injury better compared to toppers that are less dense. People who have joint pains or have injuries should opt for toppers with a density of at least 4.


The foam also comes in many different types. Usually mattress toppers are made from latex foam or memory foam. Generally speaking, latex foam is cheaper and is ideal for moderate support. People with joint pain and injuries will benefit greatly when using memory foam mattress toppers because the foam is able to disperse pain from injuries by providing focused support.


While naturally hypoallergenic, mattress toppers can still attract dust, dust mites, germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is always better to buy a mattress topper that provides additional protection through its cover. For best relaxation and sleep, you can choose 100% cotton as cover since it is breathable and ideal for those living in warm climate. There are also mattress toppers that come with hypoallergenic cover which makes them great options for those suffering from allergies.

Tea Towels: Overlooked and Underestimated June 21, 2016 14:00

Most of us don’t mind the tea towels we find in the kitchen. They are just there for our convenience but most of us do not give them a second glance. The tea towel is an often overlooked and underestimated tool in the kitchen. Once it is used to dry the dishes, it is once again relegated to its hanging place, forgotten until it needs to be used again. But the tea towel is one of the hardest working tools in the kitchen. Here's why the tea towel is underappreciated by many.


For many, the tea towel is mainly used to dry dishes. But it can do more than that. Housekeepers know how hardworking it can be. Aside from drying, it can also be used to mop up spilled liquids, wipe counters and even works as a napkin if you don’t have one handy. Despite, it's name, tea towel; its service is not actually delegated to just toweling delicate pieces of china. The tea towel can handle different kinds of messes and even serve as an all-around rag.

Easy Maintenance

The tea towel is unassuming and is also easy to clean and maintain. Tea towels used to be made of linen but are mostly composed of cotton nowadays. Cotton is very absorbent which is why the tea towel is mainly used as a drying cloth, but it is also very easy to wash. You can hand wash your tea towel and hang it out to dry or you can use the washing machine and dryer to keep it in pristine condition.


There are tea towels made from polyester but they are not too absorbent however they are more affordable compared to cotton ones. No matter what type you buy, they will always provide good value for money. At Luxura UK for example, it is possible to buy a pack of 4-piece tea towels at £3.99, which makes one tea towel cost approximately £1. If you consider the average lifespan of a tea towel and it's cost it will end up cheaper compared to constantly buying paper towels for your family.


Speaking of paper towels, tea towels are a very cost effective and cheaper alternative. The average person uses .7 paper towel rolls in 1 week. In a family of 4 this can be around 3 rolls per week or 12 rolls per month which translates to paper towel costs of £10 per month, £120 per year. However, Luxura's tea towels only cost £3.99. Even if you use 1 pack of 4 per month, the cost is still way below the total for paper towels which makes them a more practical and economical kitchen tool.

In the old days, tea towels were used by the lady of the house to dry china, a job not to be entrusted to servants. It was also a good medium for them to show their embroidery skills. Nowadays, tea towels are not just decorative. They serve a tougher purpose: keeping china and the kitchen clean.

Mattress Toppers For Good Night Sleep June 21, 2016 13:55

A mattress topper goes on top of your regular mattress to provide extra support and comfort to the user. Aside from this, it can also extend the life of your mattress by bearing the brunt of the weight of the sleeper. It comes in many sizes and features ranging from the simply mattress topper to those ultra cozy ones that comes with hypoallergenic cover for extra protection.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of material. Some of the most common toppers are made from latex foam, memory foam, feather and wool. Perhaps the most affordable is the latex topper while the most popular is the memory foam topper. Here are some cool benefits to using a mattress topper.

More Affordable

Mattress toppers are more affordable compared to buying a whole mattress. At Luxura, a double sized memory foam mattress topper retails at £59.99 while a brand new mattress of the same size can cost around £199. It is a good way to get a good night's sleep when your old mattress is lumpy and you don’t have funds to buy a new mattress. Aside from being affordable, mattress toppers are also smaller and easier to transport so you get to save on delivery fees.

Comfortable Materials

One of the best reasons why mattress toppers can provide better comfort is their materials. Depending on the topper you buy, it can be made from feather, latex, memory foam and wool. Memory foam has gained popularity because it can provide better support for people who suffer from joint pains and injuries. Feather provides a cloud-like feeling while wool is naturally repels moisture and has the ability to stay cool even during hot days.

Easy to Maintain

If you've tried airing out your mattress to decontaminate it or clean it, you know how heavy and tough the job is going to be. Mattresses are heavy and bringing them up and down the stairs can be cumbersome. Mattress toppers are lighter and manoeuvring them around corners or up and down the stairs is easier. They are also foldable so they can be carried by one person compared to at least 2 with a mattress.

Speaking of maintenance, mattress toppers also need proper care. If your topper comes with a cover, it needs to be washed at least twice a year. You can also air it or vacuum it to get rid of dust and allergens. If your topper does not have a cover, you can air it out in the hot sun to kill germs and bacteria at least twice a year.

Extra Bed

If you have guests over and don’t have a spare bed, you can buy a mattress topper to serve as their bed so that they can at least have a comfortable stay at your house. It can easily be stored and assembled and more restful than sleeping on the floor.