Best Reasons to Buy Pillow Protector

For many of us, the pillow is the second most important sleeping implement next to the mattress. Pillows are important because they provide support to help alleviate headaches, neck pain and shoulder stiffness. But pillows have short lifespan. According to the Sleep Association, pillows should be replaced 2 years to inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites such as dust mites. Luckily for us, there are ways of protecting a pillow so that we can save a bit of money and extend its life a bit longer. Here are reasons to buy a pillow protector


Depending on the type of pillows you own, pillow protectors are generally cheaper. At Luxura for example, a pair of pillow protectors cost £9.99. At this affordable cost your pillow is protected from dust mites, spills, sweat, stains and other unwanted substances. This means that you can delay purchasing your pillows a bit and save money by investing in a good quality pillow protector.

Easy Cleaning

Compared to pillows, pillow protectors are definitely easy to clean. When you launder pillows, you need to utilize the whole washing machine for cleaning pair of them. They also take longer to dry especially if the filling is made from natural materials. But pillow protectors are just like pillow cases so you can slip them in with your other laundry. You can also clean them more often which means better protection for you against harmful germs and bacteria.


Not all pillow protectors are created equal but Luxura’s protectors are made from hypoallergenic materials. As we all know, dust mites feast on dead human skin which can be found everywhere including our beds and pillows. Luxura’s quilted pillow protectors are hypoallergenic which means that it is specially treated to repel dust mites. This is highly advantageous for allergy sufferers because using hypoallergenic pillow protectors will help minimize their symptoms.

Protect from Spills and Stains

Spills and stains from food and bodily fluids are look unsightly on pillows which is why most of us cover them with pillow cases. However, pillow cases are made of cloth and in some instances are flimsy. This is why sweat, bodily fluids, food and liquid continue to stain pillows. Quilted pillow protectors on the other hand are a bit thicker and offer another layer of protection aside from pillow cases. This means our pillows remain pristine and stay stain-free longer.


Pillow protectors are a practical protection solution for your pillows especially if you have children. Young kids sometimes wet their beds, eat on their beds or use their pillows as desks. This means your pillow is in great danger whenever kids are around. But pillow protectors can help protect your pillows against children and their mess. It is more practical compared to buying a set of pillows every time they get wet or dirty.