Best Orthopaedic Support Pillow for Bad Neck and Shoulder Pain

Experiencing neck and shoulder pain when you’re sleeping is not fun at all. In some cases, changing position can help a great deal. This is where an orthopaedic pillow comes in handy.

An orthopaedic pillow is designed to correct your body’s position when you’re lying down on any surface. The design of the pillow is different from other types because it adheres to orthopaedic guidelines to ensure the right placement of specific body parts to provide a safe and sound sleep to the user.

According to the experts, neck and shoulder pain from sleeping in the wrong position can last up to 3 days. People also make the problem worse by using more pillows or choosing one that is too stiff or firm. Pain from using too many pillows or the wrong one is caused by the stiffening of the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the neck and shoulder; and we know how uncomfortable this can be.

Luckily, all of this can be avoided just by using an orthopaedic pillow. However, there are many pillows available on the market. How do you choose which orthopaedic pillow to buy?

Here are some different types of orthopaedic pillows so that you can choose which ones suit your needs.

Water Pillow

Sleeping on a water bed was normal during the 1980’s so using a water pillow during this decade will seem odd. A water pillow is actually made from materials such as cotton, memory foam and polyester fibre. However, there is also designated space for water.

Regular pillows are comfy but water pillows are comfier and cosier compared to normal pillows. The sac of water inside the pillow helps it retain its shape so the head, neck and shoulders remain supported while you sleep.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer Pillow

The hyper-elastic polymer pillow is a high-tech option for neck and shoulder pain sufferers. This type of orthopaedic pillow is specifically designed to support the neck and shoulders. In most brands the elastic polymers are arranged in a grid so that it will never break down and lose its shape. This design provides gentle support and you feel that your head is cradled all night long.

This is a good choice for all types of sleepers. Back, side and stomach sleepers can enjoy a good rest this type of pillow will never lose its shape. Thanks to the grid arrangement, you will not only have durable pillow, you will also never have to fluff it again.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Avoid the “pillow pinch” by using a shredded memory foam pillow. If you’ve used a traditional memory foam pillow then you know that it feels great. It has a consistency that magically adapts to the shape of your head.

The problem with this type of pillow is that it’s not mouldable. Memory pillows made up with a single sheet of foam. Fluffing, smooshing or moulding it to a different shape is useless because it will always revert to its original rectangular shape. Since you can’t sculpt it to your desired shape, it might not be suited for your sleeping style.

This is where the shredded memory foam pillow comes in. As the name implies, it is composed of shredded pieces of memory foam so that you get not only the comfortable texture of memory foam but also the mouldability of a down pillow. Once you sculpt it to your desired shape, you can enjoy amazing support for the head and shoulders resulting in good rest and sleep.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are ideal for people who sleep on their backs. They are also suitable for sleepers who experience neck and shoulder pain because the memory foam conforms to the head and neck’s shape providing all-night support.

People who suffer from neck and shoulder pain should avoid using pillows that are too high or too stiff. Fortunately, memory foam pillows are soft enough to conform to the shape of the head and neck but not too stiff to cause discomfort.

This type of orthopaedic pillow can also be used by side sleepers who wish to avoid neck and shoulder discomfort.

Super Bounce Polyester Pillows

Super bounce pillows are a good choice for neck and shoulder pain sufferers too. This type of orthopaedic pillow uses super bounce polyester material for the filling. They look just like regular down and polyester pillows but are more retentive in shape.

This is all thanks to the material used. Super bounce polyester is made from spiral fibres so that the pillow springs back into shape after cradling your head and shoulders. This helps the pillow retain its shape and supportiveness. Super bounce polyester pillows are very common and sought after. Luxura Orthopaedic pillow uses super bounce material making it suitable for people looking for natural pain relief.

Cervical Pillows

A cervical pillow uses the natural curve of the head and neck to provide support to the user. It relieves neck and shoulder pain by helping to give you the correct alignment of the spine so that you are always in the correct sleeping position even if you switch from back to side sleeping and vice versa.

Cervical pillows are also called contour pillows because they follow the normal contour of the cervical spine. It supports the neck which is a very important connection between the head and the body. The neck contains nerves, muscles, tissues and ligaments which are all crucial in keeping us alive and functioning to our highest level.

Sleep is very important. It repairs and restores our organs. In fact, sleep deficiency has been linked to heart disease, decreased mental function and lack of awareness and attention. This is why many people invest in sleeping aids such as pillows and teas to help them fall asleep quickly.

Losing sleep is bad enough. It makes you cranky and depressed all day long. Losing sleep due to neck and shoulder pain is even more uncomfortable. Thankfully, affordable remedies such as the right kind of orthopaedic pillows are available.