Advantages of Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton is called the fabric of life. This is because it has many uses aside from being made into clothing. They are used in the manufacture of plastics, food and paper products. This highly versatile fabric has also made its way to the kitchen via the cotton tea towel.  If you’re still using a different fabric for your tea towel, think again. Here are the 5 advantages of using cotton tea towels.

Environment Friendly

Global warming is a real threat and using cotton tea towels is a good way to help solve this crisis. Cotton is not only environment friendly; it is also biodegradable and is a renewable resource. If you’re concerned about dishonest cotton farmers, check out Luxura’s cotton tea towels which are made from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric. This means that the fabric is tested for harmful chemicals and materials from the raw product to the last stage of production.


With cost of living rising in the UK, nobody really wants to spend money on kitchen implements that fall apart quickly. Kitchens are some of the messiest and hottest areas of the house. It is usually a room full of activity which is why you need cotton tea towels because they are highly durable. Unlike other products, cotton has high tensile strength which makes the less vulnerable to tears and rips. They are ideal not only for drying dishes but for cleaning appliances and furniture and for mopping up liquids too.


Speaking of mopping up liquids, cotton tea towels are highly absorbent. According to the International Forum for Cotton Promotion, cotton fibres can absorb 1/5 of its weight in water before feeling damp. This means less wringing when you’re trying to absorb water or drying dishes, making it an efficient kitchen tool.


Allergy sufferers do not only need cotton clothing to protect against dust mites, the source of allergens but also cotton tea towels. It makes sense to neutralize the home against dust mites, so allergy sufferers should not only switch to cotton clothing but cotton tea towels as well since it is naturally dust mite resistant. This means that there will be fewer areas for dust mites to breed in your home, helping minimize allergy symptoms.


It can be hard and tiring to work with a stiff brush or an old rag. Cotton tea towels on the other hand are softer and will make cleaning more comfortable. You still need to clean, but at least your hands won’t feel sore from all the wringing and feel chapped because of the rough fibres of other cleaning fabric. Cotton tea towels are always soft so you will be more comfortable when cleaning.


Because they are more durable, you will end up using less cotton tea towels compared to polyester tea towels or rags. Luxura’s cotton tea towels retail at £8.99 for a pack of 4 giving you better value.

Cotton tea towels are also very easy to launder. Simply stick it in your washing machine or give it a good scrubbing and it will be as good as new.