Advantage of Using A Quilted Memory Foam Pillow

As more and more people spend more time in front of their desks hunched in front of a computer or doing strenuous work, the demand for a natural pain relief is also increasing. When you return home from work, the last thing you want to sleep on is a lumpy bed and a soft or firm pillow.  How can you perform at your optimum when you can’t get a decent night’s sleep?

If you’re one of those people suffering from neck pain and want some relief, switch your normal pillow to a quilted memory foam pillow. Here’s why.


Aside from the polyurethane material that comprises the pillow, quilted memory foam pillow users have the benefit of added comfort through the quilt itself. Lined with the best filling materials, the quilts will provide extra comfort to people who want the extra softness. The diamond shape pattern is not only decorative but functional as well since it holds filling while providing strength to the fabric so it does not suffer wear and tear easily.


Memory foam was invented by NASA for their pilots to give them support during flights. The bedding industry borrowed this technology and uses it to provide users with support while sleeping. Support is needed by people who suffer from neck, shoulder or upper spine pain when sleeping. By using quilted memory foam pillows, their neck or spine weight is distributed evenly allowing painful areas to settle deeply into the foam and relieving pain.

Retains Shape

When you use cotton or polyester filled pillows it will flatten and harden over time no matter how much you fluff it. Support and comfort will also become inadequate over time. But not your quilted memory foam pillow. It is designed to bounce back to its original shape after you’re done using it, so when you lay down again at night, you will experience the same comfort the day you brought it home.


The quilted memory foam pillow is not only ideal to use for your head. You can also use it to alleviate lower back pain by placing the pillows on your lower back or behind your knees. It can also be used as a breastfeeding aid by placing it underneath the arms while feeding baby. Pregnant women can put it between their knees or underneath their stomach when lying down on their side for better support while sleeping.

Ordinary pillows will always struggle to meet your needs as you sleep because they tend to lie flat or become hard the more you use them. This will cause pressure on your neck or upper spine to increase which will ultimately lead to pain and soreness around these areas. If you feel that you are getting inadequate support, try Luxura’s quilted memory foam pillows. It won’t interfere with your sleep and provide you with deeper and more satisfying rest.