The Advantage of Microfibre Pillows

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Luxura Microfibre Pillows

Microfibre has been around for a long time. It is only just recently that microfibre pillows are gaining popularity because they are very affordable and easy to clean. This kind of pillows is usually made from polyester and nylon. Each strand of microfibre is thinner than a human hair or a thread of silk. However, it is very comfortable despite being entirely synthetic. Microfibre is also very affordable which is why they are the preferred choice of many households and the hospitality industry.


Many people are changing to microfibre pillows because they are very breathable. It can stay cool in hot conditions and act as an insulator in cold temperatures. This versatility is important to hotel chains for example since they might have branches in different parts of the world. They can buy microfibre pillows in bulk and distribute them to their chains no matter the location without worry of the weather conditions in the area.

Easy to Clean

Microfibre pillows are also very easy to clean and maintain. In most cases, the microfibres used in pillows are tightly woven together making them naturally antimicrobial. The synthetic material of the pillow also repels moisture. This makes them easy to clean. In most households and hotels, they are simply loaded to washing machines and washed and dried as usual. The synthetic fibers will easily give up foreign material without compromising the structure of the pillow. During a standard wash cycle, a dryer sheet will easily remove lint and wrinkles. This makes the whole laundering and maintenance easy not only for families but hotel staff as well.


This kind of pillows can ease the workload burden in other ways. Aside from being easy to maintain and launder, microfibre pillows are also very lightweight. This means you can carry many pillows and you will hardly feel any strain at all. They are also static free, will not fade and will hold their shape for a long time.


Microfibre is very affordable compared to other pillows such as wool or cotton. With the National Sleep Association calling for a change in pillows every 3 years, microfibre is a good alternative not only for hotels and the hospitality industry but also for households as well. To save more money, consider buying Luxura’s microfibre pillows that come in pairs. Businesses that need a great number of pillows will do well to choose microfibre pillows not only because of affordability but for health and sanitation reasons as well.
Whether you are a hotel or household, microfibre pillows offer good comfort and great value. Using microfibre pillows is a good decision because it can translate to savings in time and money for the user.